Biden Wants “Free” Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

So ol’ Middle Class Joe is all in to tax hard-working Americans to pay for the healthcare of foreigners living illegally in our country. Nice.

Vice President Joe Biden said at a California campaign event that the nation has an obligation to provide health care for people, including those who came into the country illegally.

Biden made the statement on a West Coast swing Wednesday.

‘I think that anyone who is in a situation where they’re in need of healthcare, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they are cared for,” Biden said in Los Angeles, where he held a major fundraiser.

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  1. Merlin says:

    We’ll see if he’s still selling that same line when he swings through Iowa and Nebraska.

  2. Jason says:

    Joe shows just how out of touch he is with the happenings of today.


    >”‘This idea that undocumented – and by the way a significant portion of undocumented folks in our country are there because they’ve overstayed their visas. It’s not people breaking down gates coming across the border,’ Biden said.”


    From Washington Examiner (and many, many other sources)

    >A total 109,144 people were encountered at the border in April. On top of the 99,000 unauthorized crossings, another 10,000 people attempted to pass through border crossings but were turned away.

    >April’s numbers are up from 103,000 in March — 92,600 people who illegally crossed the southern border and nearly 11,000 people encountered by federal police approaching ports of entry but turned away, including asylum seekers.


    So, a touch over 200,000 in two months… and Creepy Joe thinks that is not the “significant portion” of people he want’s you and I to pay for… at a time when we can’t even pay for ourselves.   What a fucker.


  3. Le Roi du Nord says:

    “‘I think that anyone who is in a situation where they’re in need of healthcare, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they are cared for”.

    So the conservative policy would be to let them die?  How do the conservative christians feel about that?

  4. Mar says:

    The illegals already get free health care from emergency rooms and free clinics. If they need long term care, kick them out.

  5. dad29 says:

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy, as usual you are in a category error position.

    Christians have a PERSONAL obligation to assist others so far as possible, whether food, shelter, health, clothing…..whatever.  Usually this is accomplished through personal charity to various providers, mostly because those charities are organized and capable.

    That is not what Hands-on Joe is talking about, of course.  Ol’SlowJoe does not ask for charitable dollars.  He demands–at the point of a gun–that all taxpayers give the Government resources for acts that Ol’SlowHandsyJoe approves.

    You will have questions I’m sure.  Consult with any conservative for answers!  We aim to help.

  6. Le Roi du Nord says:

    “at the point of a gun”

    You have just as much difficulty with reality as 45.


  7. Jason says:

    Its liberal policy to kill babies. Evers took that evil policy a step further to make sure even a survivor of that evil is not given the healthcare needed. Sorry Nord, you’re a hypocrite.

  8. Le Roi du Nord says:

    “Its liberal policy to kill babies”.

    Not really.  But believe whatever you want.

  9. Pat says:

    I love the names given to Biden. “Creepy Joe”, “Hands-on Joe”. What name would you give a person who brags about grabbing women by the pussy, cheats on wife with porn stars, hangs with a child molester, accused of having sex with a 13 year old, cheats on every wife, fathered 5 children with 3 different women, accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping, by at least 19 women?

  10. Le Roi du Nord says:

    President.  That says a lot about the moral compass of the electorate.

  11. dad29 says:

    Well, yes!  That President is Clinton!!

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy, stuck on stupid, with another category error.  ‘President’ is not ‘holy man.’

    Fish.  Barrel.

  12. Pat says:

    So would that be, Donald Clinton Trump, or Donald Bill Trump?

  13. Kevin Scheunemann says:

    Someone get Nord his meds.

    Baby killing IS liberal policy.

    Anyone that denies that is not rational.

  14. dad29 says:

    Donald Clinton Trump, or Donald Bill Trump?


  15. dad29 says:

    Anyone that denies that is not rational.

    Kevin, my friend, rational people lie all the time.  LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy may be rational, but then he’s a liar.

    Maybe he’d prefer to be irrational, as you suggest.

  16. Le Roi du Nord says:

    “Baby killing IS liberal policy.”


    Betcha can’t and won’t prove that..

  17. Mar says:

    Le Roi, it depends on your definition of babies are.
    If you believe that once a baby is conseived, it’s a baby, which many people believe.
    If you believe that a baby is not a baby until it is born, then that is you definition of a baby, but that is a minority viewpoint, nowadays.
    So, many people do think liberals are baby killers, and you really cannot argue that the radical left do believe that if a baby, that was supposed to be aborted, actually comes out alive, then the option of killing the baby is out there. That is a Russ Feingold and President Obama opinion.

  18. Pat says:

    Thank goodness there’s an existing federal law addressing infants born alive.

    The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 (“BAIPA” Pub.L. 107–207, 116 Stat. 926, enacted August 5, 2002, 1 U.S.C. § 8) is an Act of Congress. It extends legal protection to an infant born alive after a failed attempt at induced abortion. It was signed by President George W. Bush.

  19. dad29 says:

    Mar:  to the Left, until birth, a baby is really a Buick.

  20. Pat says:

    If a fetus is a person at 6 weeks pregnant, is that when the child support starts? Is that also when you can’t deport the mother because she’s carrying a US citizen? Can women insure a 6 week fetus and collect if they miscarry?

  21. dad29 says:

    Gee, Pat, you forgot something about HR 2175.

    The [bill] clarifies for purposes of federal law that “every infant…who is born alive at any stage of development” is a “person,” regardless of the circum-stances—including induced abortion—surrounding birth. <b><i>but it does not specify the obligations surrounding duty of care for such infants.</b></i>

    Try again.

  22. dad29 says:

    As to your “I wanna be a lawyer” questions:  1)No.  2)No.  3)No.


  23. Pat says:

    “As to your “I wanna be a lawyer” questions: 1)No. 2)No. 3)No.”

    My question is, but should they. If if the answer is no, why not?

  24. dad29 says:

    In the setting for which child-bearing is PROPER, “child support” by the husband/father is ongoing.  Illicit babies?  Paternity must be proven, and in fact, some States already take re-payment of birth expenses in addition to child support.

    Birth-Citizenship, an egregiously erroneous ruling by SCOTUS, specifies “born,” not “carried.”  Unlike lawyers, people with common sense understand that un-born children of illegal immigrants are not citizens.

    Check with your insurance company, not me.  That is OBVIOUSLY up to them.  But I’ll help you:  under most insurance policies, an ‘insured child’ must be alive outside the womb for at least 24 hours before dying in order that a benefit be paid.

    You can go back to being Jiffy’s wife now.

  25. Pat says:

    The question I’m asking is “should”, not “is”.
    And, if you can’t give an answer without being a total dick, don’t answer at all.

  26. Pat says:

    The question I’m asking is “should”, not “is”.
    And, if you can’t give an answer without being a total dick, don’t answer at all.

  27. dad29 says:

    No.  No.  No.

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