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2113, 26 Apr 19

Kamala Harris Owns a Gun and It Should Disqualify Her for Liberals

So says this guy.

When it comes to gun ownership in America, presidential aspirant Kamala Harris has shot herself in the foot.

At a time when Democrats are toughening their positions on gun control and seeking to make it a core issue in the 2020 campaign, the California senator has conceded that her personal relationship with guns is unique among the major Democratic presidential contenders. She owns a handgun, a campaign aide told CNN.

This under-publicized revelation comes as Harris is getting a lot of ink for being tough about guns. Her words are fine, but for a progressive like me, they are undermined by that handgun. And I can’t be the only one who is disturbed.


2113, 26 April 2019


  1. guinness

    The hypocracy never ends. Their rules apply to everyone else.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I think its great she owns a gun.

    She should be flaunting her NRA support…oh wait a minute…that standard liberal hypocrisy gets in the way.

  3. Pat

    I know many “liberals” that own guns for protection, and for hunting, but don’t buy into the rhetoric of the NRA lobby.

  4. Le Roi du Nord


    Exactly.  I own guns, know how to use them, and do so regularly.  I was an NRA member for 30+ years, but quit when they started supporting politicians that were anti-environment, anti-science, and anti-common sense.  And I never, ever, regretted that decision.

  5. guinness

    The NRA is not the subject here. It’s a hypocrit screaming gun control while being a gun owner. She needs to be called out for her vote chasing double standard.

  6. Pat

    Just saying…….
    The vast majority of Americans want stricter gun laws, including 72% of Republicans.

  7. Owen

    Even if I take your poll at face value (I don’t), so what? Gun rights are natural rights enshrined and protected in our constitution. They are not subject to majority opinion. For example, if 72% of the people thought that Muslim folks should not be allowed to worship openly, would we bow to the will of the people? Of course not. Freedom of worship is another natural right that is enshrined and protected in our constitution.

  8. Merlin

    The good news here is that at least one lefty is disturbed by the fact that Harris does not walk her talk. Now take a look at the other 19.

  9. Pat

    So all rights enshrined in the constitution should be exempt from any, and all restrictions?

  10. dad29

    The text of the 2A is very clear, no matter the schemes and frauds of such as FDR and his Democrat pals.  Preserving the ability to rebel–in a meaningful way–now and then is supposed to keep our Congressmen in line.

    Doesn’t work too well, does it?

  11. Pat

    Does that include nuclear weapons?

  12. MjM

    Patsy lies: “The vast majority of Americans want stricter gun laws, including 72% of Republicans.”

    Please cite your source.

  13. guinness

    72% of republicans? Give me a break. Did that come from the NYT, WP or National Enquirer? If you’re going to put out a line of crap, at least make it a tiny bit believable.

  14. dad29

    I recall something about that “survey.”  The wording is the usual trickery and deceit–so that what “Republicans” approve is one thing–but then the text was manipulated to create another thing entirely.

    Patty:  no, not nukes.  Tanks, crew-served full-auto .50’s, and some artillery, yes.  And don’t forget flame-throwers, grenades, and swords.

  15. jjf

    Stop, Pat, you’re getting him all excited.

  16. Pat

    Mike, why did you change your name to guinness?

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