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0833, 26 Apr 19

Speaker Vos Agrees with School Funding Increase


One of the biggest parts of the proposed budget covers education. Evers is proposing a large increase in spending for education, to the tune of about $1.4 billion, including roughly $600 million on special education.

Vos called the increase in education spending a “laudable goal” and believes there is some room for compromise.

“That is a huge increase,” Vos said. “I worry that if we only funded special ed or all the K4 education, you might not have enough money for the university system, raises for public employees, corrections, so I am confident we are going to do an increase for public schools, I just don’t know if we can do it at the level Gov. Evers proposed.”

So we are back to deciding HOW MUCH to increase government spending instead of even thinking about REDUCING spending. To throw more money into the education system that has declining enrollment without, at the very least, insisting on better outcomes for our children is just pure waste. It does nothing to help kids or the state, but it makes politicians feel good about themselves. In fact, it hurts the state by continuing to increase our cost of government and encourage people and families to relocate to states that are more affordable.

C’mon, Vos… Evers’ voters didn’t elect your majority caucus. Dance with who brung you.


0833, 26 April 2019


  1. Mar

    I can speak to the special education part, as a former special education teacher.
    The first problem is the influx of non English speaking students into local districts. My sister is an ESL teach in Minneapolis area and she deals with about 30 different languages, just in her small district.
    Then there are more students in special education. Most are legitimate but some are not. Some parents want their kids disabled so they can collect disability benefits. And you can see about the college entrance rich people scandal, if you are in special education, you can get to take ACT and SAT tests with assistance.
    And whether liberals like it or not, illegals do cause a huge strain on education budgets. These kids have to be educated, most don’t speak English and if they are in special education, the local school district is responsible for all costs. Like computers,1 on 1 aides, therapies, nursing care, all supplies etc., if these are needed.
    It’s a reality, the kids with disabilities are more severe than years back and more frequent.
    Do they this amount of money? That I don’t know. But you can bet a lot of the special education money increase is due to illegals because the districts can bill the Feds for many costs associated with disabilities for legal citizens.

  2. jjf

    He wants to be governor.

  3. dad29

    JJF becomes Captain Obvious.

    Here’s a bet:  Fitzgerald wins that primary 2-1.  Vos is insufferable; it’s called ‘short man syndrome.’

  4. jjf

    Apparently you need to appear to support education if you want to be Governor.  Who knew?  So what will old blue-eyes Fitz do?

  5. dad29

    In this State, educators are lavishly supported.  Actual education?  Not so much.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Vos needs to be ousted as speaker.

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