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0632, 16 Feb 19

Around the Bend by Judy Steffes

Hey, I made the ATB!

Update on refurbishing West Bend Theatre sign

It felt similar to visiting an old friend in the hospital. The good thing to note is the historic West Bend Theatre sign is in good hands.

This week Cindy Wendland at Poblocki Sign Company in West Allis opened its workshop for a look at the progress being made on the historic West Bend Theatre sign.

Project manager Mike Carter gave an update on how metal reinforcements have been added, wiring stripped and holes patched.  “Essentially we’re refurbishing the entire sign,” said Carter. “We’ve torn out the electrical and we’re replacing it with high-efficiency LED bulbs and the structure that holds the sign is being rebuilt because of the age of it.”

The iconic theatre, 125 S. Main Street, dates to 1929.

The new frame for the sign, which includes a series of metal cross braces, was resting on saw horses at the foot of the vintage marquee.

“This will essentially attach to the back,” said Carter. “The framing had deteriorated and needed to be replaced.”

Carter indicated although the sign was weathered it was extremely well built.  “It’s an interesting construction. They don’t make them like this anymore,” he said.

The points of weakness where the sign attached to the metal braces on the theatre building also had to be reinforced.

Veteran journeyman Bob Poblocki has spent 38 years in the sign business. During a conversation with his uncle he found out his grandfather, who started Poblocki Sign Company LLC, actually worked for the company that originally built the West Bend Theatre sign.

“The sign used to have old incandescence bulbs,” said Poblocki. “We’ll come in with new drivers and LED bulbs.  It will look like the old bulbs but they will be high efficiency.”

After a bit of a review regarding rust and repair the conversation went a bit Jurassic Park with some Indiana Jones flare.

“There was a lot of spiders in the wiring; big ones,” said Poblocki. “We found some hornets nests… petrified ones, like they had been there for decades.”

The new sign will return its ability for chase lighting.  “It’s where they wire every fourth bulb in a series and it will do that again,” said Poblocki. Chase lighting is an illusion where lights give the appearance of “moving along on a string.”

Coming up in the next couple of weeks the paint will be matched, the sign sandblasted and painted, electronics reinstalled and the I-beams coming off the theatre wall on S. Main Street will be inspected.

Poblocki said the I-beams coming off the theatre building will be inspected and the canopy will be stripped as Poblocki Sign Company puts new sides on the face along with new lighting.

“Our current plans to reinstall are now looking at April but it depends on the theatre plans,” said Carter.

Xpressions Yarn, Bead, & Gift Boutique in West Bend is moving

Xpressions Yarn, Bead, & Gift Boutique, 264 N. Main Street, in downtown West Bend is relocating. “I’m moving to the WB Mercantile, 258 N. Main, right down the street,” said owner Andrea Gundrum Cybell.

“It was a blessing in disguise and I’m really excited as are they.”

The move will take place from March 5 – 15. This will be Gundrum Cybell’s third move. For about 10 years she was in Barton at 1779 Barton Avenue and then seven years at current location.

The move was prompted after a sale of the store fell through in 2017.

“I love my business and my accountant advised we not close but downsize and look for a smaller location,” she said. “The space at WB Mercantile came up with Jeremy and Brandy and now I’m reinvigorated and this is going to work out so well for everyone.”

Gundrum Cybell said she will be offering new classes and carrying some new products including Door County wine.

Headliners announced for two nights at Washington County Fair

Washington County Fair officially announced two nights of headline entertainment for the West Bend Mutual Insurance Silver Lining Amphitheater.

Kicking off three nights of National Entertainment on Thursday, July 25, will be Dylan Scott.

With his romantic, PLATINUM certified No. 1 hit “My Girl,” and GOLD-certified Top 5 smash “Hooked,” Scott has transformed real-life experience into chart-topping success.  .

Opening for Scott is Mitchell Tenpenny whose first single and No. 1 hit “Drunk Me” was named one of the New York Times best songs of 2018. The other Special Guest, Travis Denning just released his debut single “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” and when not touring is working on recording his debut album.

Rocking the Amphitheater on Friday, July 26, will be Stone Temple Pilots. The Opening Band will be announced at a later date.

VIP Reserved tickets for the Stone Temple Pilots show will go on sale for AIS Members on Monday, February 18 at 9 a.m. and to the public on Friday, Feb. 22 at 10 a.m. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the Fair Park Office Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Ticket prices range from $25-$35 and include admission to the Fair.

New luxury apartments in Slinger nearly complete                      By Olivia Wills

Construction is underway for the next phase of Ridgeview Terrace, a luxury-rental community located off Highway 60 and a quarter-mile east of I41 in Slinger, WI.

Each new apartment home features a one-car attached garage, private entry, granite countertops, plank flooring, in-unit washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, central air, gas furnace, and private patio.

There are 9-foot ceilings in second-story units and a pet-friendly environment. Apartments should be ready for occupancy in May 2019. Ridgeview Terrace will be the fifth rental community developed and managed by Dittmar Realty, Inc. in Washington County.

Washington County Unveils New Logo

Washington County officially unveiled its new logo today during a ceremony at the Old Courthouse.

According to the county, “The logo includes a picturesque Washington County horizon with the sun.  Most recognize the iconic, rolling Kettle Moraine hills within the brand. The slogan, “Discover. Connect. Prosper.” strives to tie the community together by discovering the county’s natural beauty and rich heritage, connecting with each other, and prospering together with a strong business-and-education climate.”

Washington County Administrator Joshua Schoemann said this will help the county in a number of ways.  “The most important thing is that logo and brand. It’ll help Washington County in the future and bring people to Washington County such as tourists and new home owners.”

The county started with about 20 designs and then trimmed it to three. “We ultimately refined it and the County Board unanimously approved the design,” he said.

Washington County Board chairman Don Kriefall said the logo helps provide “an identity,”

“Even though we’re not the biggest county in Wisconsin, we’re the most innovative county in Wisconsin,” Kriefall said.

Now… do you remember what the old logo looked like? How about the explanation behind the old design? “It was unveiled while Doug Johnson was the administrative coordinator,” said former County Board Chairman Ken Miller. “It dates to 1997-98. It was supposedly a sunrise and the hills to designate the Kettle Moraine and the cursive letter W as an outstanding letter representing the county.” Miller said he thought “the county always needed a logo.”

“I also thought the county needed a flag…. but I never got that far,” he said.

Thanks to West Bend Police for protecting our community

A note of thanks to West Bend Police for keeping the community safe following a brief standoff Thursday, Feb. 14 at a duplex, 108 S. Seventh Avenue. The incident began around 11:30 a.m. with a two-vehicle accident at Seventh Avenue and Walnut Street. Police said one man walked away from the accident and into a home. Following the one-hour standoff one person taken into custody just after 1 p.m. The 31-year-old West Bend man was taken into custody and booked on a number of charges including hit and run causing injury, obstructing and outstanding warrants for violating parole.

Updates & Tidbits

– Kyle Loehr and Genna Alexander are the latest recipients of the J.O. Reigle Scholarships awarded annually by Regal Ware.

-Urban Vantage, 128 Wisconsin Street, is offering a rent special of ½ month free if a person rents during the month of February 2019. Contact 262-353-9732.

– Women’s Morning of Reflection is Saturday, Feb. 23 at St. Frances Cabrini. Starting with Mass at 8 a.m.

Guest Editorial | Pushing Liberalism in West Bend High Schools | By Owen Robinson

At West Bend High School, there is a required, one semester class called “U.S. Government and Law.” The course overview says:

In this course, students will experience how the wheels of government and justice work at the local, state, and federal level. Student activities and hands-on experiences will be emphasized to demonstrate how “We the People” are affected by and function within our government and law. Students electing to take Advanced Placement U.S. History have the option of taking this course in grades 10,11, or 12.

Good, right? I would argue that part of the reason for public education is to equip people to be active participants in our civic society, so this kind of education is good. One semester seems entirely inadequate, but at least it will provide kids with a rudimentary understanding of the levels of government, how legislation works, how the legal system works, etc., right?

Wrong. With one precious semester to teach kids about their government, the teachers at West Bend High Schools are using it as an opportunity to advocate liberalism to the impressionable teenagers under their care.

Here is a description from Esquire, of all places, of what happens in class:

The class recently took a political-opinion poll that places students on a forty-four-point spectrum from Conservative Reactionary (22C) to Liberal Radical (22L). About two thirds of the class were moderate to liberal, falling between 1L and 22L. Ryan says a few kids landed at the extremes: one “conservative radical,” a boy, and three “liberal extremists,” all girls.

Mr. Inkmann then has the students sing two songs written by another West Bend teacher. “The Liberal Song” is set to the tune of “Ode to Joy.” Mr. Inkmann offers to sing first before everyone joins in. “If I were a liberal, liberal, life would be so very great,” the lyrics read, “knowing that in liberal land this other man could marry me.” The students flip through their political-spectrum packets to follow along. One kid snaps his fingers, rocking out. “The Conservative Song,” set to the tune of “Beer Barrel Polka,” includes lines like “I hate social programs, they really make me want to puke / I would rather use the money for a two-ton nuke” and “Welfare is not good, before we had it, people tried / And I hope the biggest criminals are electrified!”

Yes, you’re reading that right. Here are the songs written by the other teacher:

The Liberal Song  Created in 2005 by Mr. Kieser  All Rights Reserved  Tune: Ode to Joy

If I were a liberal liberal, life would be so very grand.

I’d find someone I really loved and take that person by the hand.

   I would be so very happy, happy as a man could be.

   Knowing that in liberal land this other man could marry me.

If I were a liberal liberal, life would be so very great.

Wouldn’t ever need to work lots of free food found on my plate.

   I would never have to fear that to me harm ever’d be done.

   Knowing that in liberal land no one could ever own a gun.

If I were a liberal liberal, my friends and I would have it made.

Anti-nukes and the pro-choicers we’d protest in a big parade.

   We’d end pollution it’s so harmful, very harmful one can see.

   Come with me to liberal land we’ll all join hands then hug a tree.


The Conservative Song Created in 2005 by Mr. Kieser  Tune: Beer Barrel Polka

I’m conservative so listen up closely my son.

I never go out without my loaded shotgun.

  I hate social programs they really make me want to puke.

  I would rather use the money for a two-ton nuke.

I’m conservative so listen to what I have to say.

I think school children should say the Pledge  ‘Allegiance and should pray.

  I dislike high taxes and business regulations are obscene.

  I think women should stay home, pro-create, cook, and clean.

I’m conservative and I’m near the end of my little song.

But did I tell you, I hate gay-marriage and abortion’s wrong?

  And welfare is not good, before we had it people tried.

  And I hope the biggest criminals are electrified!

You can see the difference in the language. The liberal song is positive and uses words and phrases like “loved,” “happy,” “pro-choice,” “protest in a big parade,” “end pollution,” etc. The conservative song is negative and uses words like, “hate,” “women should stay home, pro-create, cook,” “hate gay marriage,” want to puke,” etc. This is a liberal’s caricature of conservatism. It’s a straw man that the teachers then spend the rest of class tearing down. It is not even close to an accurate description of modern conservative philosophy.

This is not isolated. I’m told that in Mr. Kieser’s class, the teacher who wrote the lyrics, it is much the same. The first few weeks of the semester have been spent having kids identify their stances on political issues and then the teacher will spend oodles of time “explaining” to the kids how the liberal positions are the better positions – without outright saying it, of course. The message to the kids is clear, however, if you hold conservative views, you are a violent heartless bigot.

This is not a rogue teacher. This is part of the planned course of study.

There are two outrages here. First, the obvious outrage that the lefty teachers are abusing their positions of authority to push their lefty views on kids. Second, they are wasting educational time on this junk instead of using it to teach the kids about their government and legal system.

It would be easy to fill four years of civics classes with just the mechanics of government and law – without even getting into political philosophies. And yet West Bend is choosing to fill class time with this and leave the kids ignorant about everything except the basics of our government and legal systems. Curriculum is about choices and the West Bend schools are choosing to advance liberalism with the scarce classroom time allotted to them.

Owen Robinson is a local blogger. You can find him at Boots&

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0632, 16 February 2019


  1. Scott

    I’ve called both the Principle, (2 weeks ago, no call back), and the School Board today asking what discipline these teachers would face. I doubt there will be any steps taken to reign in these two because basically the American people are a lazy rabble of apathetic fools, who can’t be bothered to ensure their kids aren’t being indoctrinated in place of being educated.

  2. jjf

    * “principal”.

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