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2129, 16 Feb 19

Beto Draws Massive Crowds in Wisconsin


Beto O’Rourke said Friday during a visit to Wisconsin that before deciding whether he will join the increasingly crowded field of Democrats running for president in 2020, he wants to meet with voters in the “most honest, raw, real way possible.”

The former Texas congressman met with about 20 students at Milwaukee Area Technical College before heading to UW-Madison for a similar event on campus that attracted more than 200 students and faculty.

“I came here with not much of an agenda other than to listen to you,” he told students at Madison, before speaking against President Donald Trump’s border wall and immigration policies as well as urging action to combat climate change.

I also love the “I came here to listen” line before launching into the normal lefty rhetoric. Beto must be so awesome that he can talk and listen at the same time.


2129, 16 February 2019


  1. jjf

    Clearly he should behave like a regular serious candidate and go talk to the billionaires first.  Or you know, just pretend to listen.

    Do you read what you write, Owen?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Beto has a massive flaw in the liberal lexicon….he is not a member of any victim group in the intersectional heirarchy.

    His “white privilege” cancels out anything he has to say.  that is why he cannot draw a crowd.   No liberals wants to listen to a white guy assert his “privilege”.   Liberals are racist that way.

    Now, if he can “transition” to a black, native American, who is lesbian, he would hit the “trifecta” of victim status in the liberal intersectional vicitm heirarchy.

    Personally, I would not cut off my manhood to be president, but if he has any hope to win the disgusting victim derby that is the Democratic primary, he may have to.

  3. Le Roi du Nord


    Wow, k, you pinned the racist, sexist, bigot meter with that comment.  Good work.  Spoken like a true trumpaholic.


  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    I did, didn’t I?

    That is what liberals want, to be bigoted, sexist, and screen for “proper” carnal choices in their lexicon.

    Just being brutally honest exposing the awfulness of liberalsim.

    I would encourage Beto not to chop off his manhood for victim status.

  5. Jason

    >Do you read what you write, Owen?

    A smart person who was balanced in their life would recognize that if you’re insulting the majority of readers and also the author, it’s you that have the issue. But dense people keep fighting hard.

  6. Merlin

    What? He couldn’t find more than two lefties at UW Milwaukee with anything to say?

  7. jjf

    Nord, I think it’s like he has some kind of reflex.  He hears a word, he spits another word.  Pavlovian.

  8. jjf

    Jason, I’d be glad to hear your actual opinion or Owen’s actual opinion on how candidates should conduct themselves when seeking office.  Part of it is meeting with the people, some is fundraising.

    Owen’s just reflexively mocking Beto.

    Do you think Walker ever said anything sappy like “I came here to listen” when he had any of his invite-only not-open-to-the-public events in the last decade?

    Or should we examine the politicians who simply wouldn’t even bother with public town halls any more?

    And yeah, yeah, yeah, some of Beto’s events were invite-only.  Yawn.

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