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0957, 02 Feb 19

Invasion Continues at Southern Border

It won’t stop until we stop it.

MEXICO CITY — Thousands of U.S.-bound Central American migrants resumed their northern journey on Thursday, Mexico City officials said, part of a growing group of would-be asylum seekers who say they are fleeing violence and poverty back home.

Around 2,400 migrants left a city shelter to begin the journey from the Mexican capital early Thursday morning, the latest caravan to embark upon the risky path to the U.S.-Mexican border despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s determination to prevent them from entering.

Since last October, thousands of mostly Central American migrants have sought to cross into the United States, many traveling in caravans in order to minimize the risks of kidnapping and attacks by members of criminal gangs while in Mexican territory.


0957, 02 February 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It’s to the point where liberals WANT invasion because they hate the USA that much.

    The problem is: if liberals believe USA is that bad of a place, why are they not warming migrants AGAINST coming here?

  2. jjf

    Is it an “invasion” if they’re lining up and waiting at asylum entry points?

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