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0850, 26 Jan 19

Around the Bend by Judy Steffes

Dates set for 2019 Washington County Breakfast on the Farm

The 32nd annual Washington County Breakfast on the Farm will be at Highland Dairy LLC, 1207 Highland Drive in Kewaskum. Congratulations to Mike and Linda Enright from Highland Dairy LLC, 1207 Highland Drive in Kewaskum. This is a third generation family farm that strives to produce natural, high-quality milk and high-quality beef for the dairy and beef industry. The robotic farm features a New Freestall Barn, Milking Center, Pump Room, Robot Rooms, 6 DeLaval VMS, DeLaval Cow Brushes, Hetwin Feed Pusher, Automated Litter Alley Scrapers, and more.

The Enrights have agreed to host a cozy gathering of about 5,000 to 6,000 people for breakfast on Saturday, June 8.Breakfast will be served rain or shine from 6:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

West Bend Safety Commission gives thumbs up to 4-way stop at Decorah/Silverbrook

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, the City of West Bend Safety Commission held a meeting led by Police Chief Ken Meuler. On the agenda was a citizen request for the installation of traffic lights at Seventh Avenue and Decorah Road.  Meuler said that Traffic Analysis and Design (TADI) experts, who could not be present at the meeting, said it is “possible to put a four-way stop in… but because of the steep incline it was not his recommendation.”

Meuler said the analyst pointed out it would be “a very short distance from Main Street.” No action was taken on this item at this time.

The intersection of Decorah Road and Silverbrook was also discussed. Meuler stated TADI felt that while “we could keep a two-way there, a four-way was warranted based on the crash history at that intersection and the volume of traffic on both Decorah and Silverbrook.”

City Engineer Max Marechal added, “At the intersection of Decorah and Silverbrook, not only is it possible to do both, but in their report they’re saying it would be preferable for the level of service to have the four-way stop.”

Meuler shared a statement from Lance Roell, principal at Silverbrook Middle School, in which Roell stated he was “highly in favor of it and has received favorable comments from parents..who spoke in favor of it.”

Meuler also stated District 1 Alderman John Butschlick lent a statement saying he was in favor of the four-way stop. A motion to approve a four-way stop sign at the intersection of Decorah and Silverbrook passed 5-1.

The committee approved removing the stop signs on Walnut at Eighth Avenue and adding stop signs on Eighth Avenue at Walnut, removing the “No Parking from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., December 1 – April 1” restriction for the angle parking stalls on the west side of Shore Lane.

The committee approved no parking on the east side of Rolfs from Lang to Creek and no parking on the west side on Rolfs Avenue from Creek Road 1200 feet south, eliminated parking on Rolfs Avenue 30 feet north of the crosswalk to approximately 50 feet south of the driveway on the west side, and designated the extension of Rolfs Avenue as a Heavy Truck Route.

The committee then reviewed a request from the Police Department to eliminate the “Parking For Crossing Guard Only Zone” restriction on the west side of Ninth Avenue at W. Washington Street and approved this request.

A discussion took place regarding the Paradise Drive corridor traffic signal timing. Marechal suggested talking to the consultant for further clarification and discussion at the next committee meeting as an agenda item. No action was taken on any other agenda items.

Holy Angels School looking for new principal

Holy Angels School (HAS) is a K3-8 Catholic grade school that has been educating children for over 150 years.

With consistent parent involvement, parish support and strong enrollment, HAS has achieved a full accreditation for its focus on high academic standards and unique curriculum (world languages and one-to-one technology). HAS has also received Exemplary Recognition in the area of Mission and Catholic Identity.

HAS is currently looking for a dynamic principal to lead the dedicated staff, parents, and students to enhance and elevate this high level of Catholic education in West Bend, WI.  Under the direction of the Pastor and in consultation with the School Committee, the principal provides both strategic and operational leadership and day to day management in order to achieve the mission of the school and parish.

The preferred candidate would be experienced, enthusiastic, and faith-filled. For other key requirements and responsibilities, go to the home page of the school’s website:  If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to by Feb. 15, 2019.

Milwaukee woman facing charges for threats against Jackson Police

A Milwaukee woman arrested by Jackson Police for a traffic violation at the end of 2018 has been taken into custody and is facing additional charges after allegedly issuing threats against members of the Jackson Police Department.

On Dec. 30, 2018, the Jackson Police Department arrested a 38-year-old Milwaukee woman following a traffic pursuit which began in Jackson and ended in Slinger. After the pursuit the woman resisted arrest by arming herself with a scissors and spit in the officer’s face.

She was arrested and charged with Fleeing, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct with a Dangerous Weapon, and Discharging a Bodily Fluid at a Law Enforcement Officer. On January 22, 2019, the same woman called the Jackson Police Department and threatened the life of the Police Chief and his family. On January 25, 2019, the woman called the Jackson Police Department and threatened the life of the Lieutenant.

The woman was taken into custody with the assistance of the Milwaukee Police Department and transported to the Washington County Jail. Additional charges are under review.

Remodel of Carl Kuss Field to be completed in stages

An update was presented during this week’s West Bend Common Council meeting regarding the redevelopment of Carl Kuss Memorial Field in West Bend.

A plan to remodel the field has been on the table since January 2016. Plans and financing were flushed out in mid-2018 and towards the end of the year it appeared construction would be underway shortly. The latest news, however, looks like the project will be completed in several phases.

The West Bend Baseball Association, Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and the City of West Bend met Friday, Jan. 18 to discuss the development of the Carl Kuss field.

According to West Bend Park and Rec director Craig Hoeppner the group, including WBBA, Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and the City, and Fields Inc. stated they are working on final designs and plans for the field, which includes surveying, geo-tech and storm water design work.

Hoeppner said another priority is refining the budget which is currently around $1.4 million. It appears there are still a number of questions on actual costs which the group stated were being worked out.

Phase I includes the synthetic field, fencing and dugouts.  Phase II would include the lights, grandstand, concessions and restrooms. At this time, funding is around 60-percent complete for Phase I.

Hoeppner said all Phase I funding will need to be completed before any construction begins.  Once construction begins, it will take about 100 days to complete.

Early hopes, according to Hoeppner are that construction begins this Spring. Another meeting is slated for Feb. 1 for more updates.

Construction in Downtown Hartford for 5-story apartment complex | By Samantha Sali

Fencing has started to go up in preparation for the 5-story apartment complex on the corner of Hartford’s Main and State Streets. The apartment complex, which is being developed by the Brookfield-based Brayton Management Co. Inc, will have this multi-family complex completed by Spring 2020.

The 82-unit complex will have 1-3 bedroom apartments, 117 parking spaces including underground parking, and several amenities including an elevator, conference room, coffee bar, fitness room, and game room.

“The first step will be to perform abatement of any contamination issues within the six buildings on this block followed by demolition of the sight,” said City Administrator, Steve Volkert. “While fencing will be up, there still plans on having the gates open to the parking lot commonly used by downtown businesses and overnight residents in this area of N. Main. Once demolition begins in February, those gates will be closed for safety issues.”

“This corner has been on our radar as a catalectic project and part of the downtown redevelopment since 2015 when a plan was rolled out,” Volkert said. “History has shown when you concentrate market-rate apartments in a walkable downtown; it greatly improves viability for the merchants and property owners in that downtown.”

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

During the week beginning January 27, Holy Angels in West Bend will join schools throughout the country in celebrating Catholic Schools Week. The local theme for the West Bend Catholic schools is again “The Good News in Education.”  Catholic schools continue to be the good news in what schools can provide in a community of faith.

In addition to a strong core curriculum, there is a continued emphasis at Holy Angels on fine arts and world languages. Holy Angels students use a variety of technologies as tools for learning…junior high students use personal Chromebooks as part of their daily experience. The Project Lead the Way curriculum and Robotics Club offer pre-engineering components for junior high students. The Resource Learning Centers provide a multitude of enrichment opportunities and additional learning support.

Over and above the curriculum, Catholic faith is emphasized at Holy Angels. In fact, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has awarded Holy Angels School with Exemplary Recognition in the area of Catholic Identity and Mission (see photo).

During Catholic Schools Week, students and staff will celebrate many of the important aspects of the school which make it special…academics, faith formation, extra-curriculars, community building, family involvement.

The week’s activities will include:

Saturday (January 26) – CSW Kickoff Celebration (5:00-7:30pm).

Sunday –  Open House (10:30am-12:30pm)  Kindergarten–K3, K4, K5-RoundUp (10:45am)

Monday – Catholic Quiz Bowl (8:15 – primary, 9:00 – intermediate, 10:30 – junior high)

Tuesday – Career Day: guests are invited to share the wide range of career possibilities

Wednesday – Fun4All Day: students will be enjoying one of several venues in the community for tubing, skating (both roller and ice), and bowling.

Thursday – All-City Mass at Holy Angels (1 pm) with Bishop Schuerman as the celebrant.

Friday – Student/Faculty Basketball Game (1:40 pm).

West Bend Missionaries Nancy and David Slinde

Nancy and David Slinde of West Bend are active in the community but their volunteer spirit knows no bounds. Both are parishioners at Our Saviors Lutheran Church. David, 75, is part of the West Bend Noon Rotary and Nancy, 73, is a member of the West Bend Sunrise Rotary.

What sets the couple apart is their commitment and dedication as missionaries in El Salvador. In January the couple made their 30th trip to the small Central American country where, since 2004, they have worked on 13 projects designed to better education, improve housing, health and business.

The Black Water Project was one of their greatest undertakings and one of the most successful accomplishments.

“Two women in El Salvador took us aside and said our children less than five years old are dying of intestinal problems,” said Nancy. “They needed help.”

That was 2005 and the Slindes got to work. An assessment of the problem was needed and then Engineers Without Borders got involved and the project and team spirit was underway.

“It was important the community we were working with understood that these were people helping people,” said David.

The sewer project included connecting10-inch pipe for one mile from the homes to the opposite side of the Pan-American Highway. Once complete the Black Water Project would serve 3,000 people and over 60 homes.

“It was a large undertaking that included seven partnerships, fundraising, and a buy in from the community,” David said. “Everyone had to help dig the trenches. Men, women and children but that’s what made the overall project such a success.”

Money for the project was multifaceted with funds coming from Our Saviors parish, the two Rotary groups and Nancy was successful in writing a grant for a total of $140,000. It took seven years and the Black Water Project, which helped drain the sewage from the community, was finished in 2012

“We’re happy to say no children are dying anymore because of the poor conditions in that community,” said Nancy.

Embedding themselves in El Salvador

Unassuming in appearance the Slindes are dedicated and have found a calling with their mission work.

David is soft spoken with a sharp sense of humor and keen insight in to human nature. He is methodical and direct and normally sports a three-day growth of gray beard. A graduate of Nicolet High School, David admits he wasn’t the best student. In his professional life he spent a majority of his career in finance at industrial electrical equipment manufacturer Cutler Hammer.

Nancy is petite in stature but a firecracker with unlimited energy, unwavering optimism and the ability to engage anyone in conversation. A 1964 graduate of Whitefish Bay Dominican High School she worked in education most of her career.

In El Salvador, Nancy is the translator, David is able to execute a plan and they both base their accomplishments on a foundation in faith.

“It was 2007 when we returned from El Salvador I just thought there was more we could do,” said David. “That’s when the Lord told me to move to El Salvador. Nancy was on board. Our kids thought we were crazy.”

Becoming immersed in the culture, the Slindes won the trust of the community. They returned in January with another suitcase of donated clothes, crayons and heaps of goodwill.

“They call us the Godparents and once had a sign hanging on the wall of the school for the day we returned,” said David. “Godparent actually means we help finance the education of 23 students; parishioners at our church in West Bend help.”

Funding education and launching a hardware store

Of the 13 projects the Slindes have accomplished they are most proud of their work in education.

However education covers a broad scope from teaching families how to raise chickens and build coops to raising a successful chili crop in homemade greenhouses.

One of the business-development projects David is most proud of is the startup hardware store.

During a recent trip to El Salvador the couple visited a grade school in Tecualuya, located about 12.5 miles south of San Salvador. The stop was highlighted by a generous gift of textbooks and backpacks.

“These are textbooks for every student, in every grade 1st – 6th grade,” said Nancy. “This will be an incredible start for the little ones.”

More than 70 students, dressed in white shirts and blue skirts or pants, greeted the Slindes by holding up individual letters in a homemade sign that read, “Welcome. God bless you.”

Students lined up by grade level as teachers distributed colorful soft-cover books on history, science, and math.

Next it was on to San Luis Talpa. “This is one of the premier schools we’ve been working with since 2017,” said David.

Donations totaling $34,000 have helped fund a new 7th, 8th, and 9th grade and 13 students were assisted independently with scholarships so they could go onto high school. “Our motto has always been education overcomes poverty,” said David.

Of the students the Slindes support in Usulután, they’ve received feedback on three. “One has started his own business and the other two are employed,” said David. “If that’s a representation of what our money did for those three students it is well worth it.”

Airport travel

So far we’ve been the typical travelers you see on TV news stranded at the airport in the midst of a Wisconsin winter storm. (Total honest, when watching the news in my sweet warm chair at home I tend to laugh at the ridiculous people who think they’re going to get somewhere….)

Our first flight out Saturday, Jan.19 was slightly delayed. Hundreds of passengers made it on time however the pilot’s limo ended up in a snow bank. He called an Uber to get him to the Milwaukee airport.

Dawdling around with the plane running prompted a random warning light to pop on and forced everybody to deboard and reschedule.

I’ve been through this drill before and was one of the first to exit and get to the Delta Help desk.

Wouldn’t you know it the clerk seemed familiar and I’m still betting she was the one who “helped” me on my bike tour to New Zealand. That’s the one where I stood in line for an hour as she was certain I needed a visa for vacation. (I didn’t). That was the same bike tour where my luggage showed up 26 days later… the day before I returned home from New Zealand. (I’m tucking that little nugget in my pocket and will warn my travel mates after a beverage.)

Helpful Delta clerk made alternative arrangements. Rather than Milwaukee to Atlanta to El Salvador.  We would travel Milwaukee to Atlanta to Mexico City. We would carry on the next day to El Salvador. While it sounded a bit roundabout we were at least on the move and southbound.

With pilot in place and everyone on board Delta tested our patience one more time…. as it forgot to de-ice the plane. Safety first…. another hour and we were in the air.

Thank you Delta

The Slindes bring their own level of travel savvy to the table. A reroute to Mexico City meant going through customs, twice; once when we arrived and the next day when we would head to El Salvador. “Who is going to pay for that,” asked David.

Vouchers was a hot-button term used by every traveler that day. The Help Desk was also a popular spot.

Sparing you the drudgery and detail a competent Delta clerk, Brandon, saved us from Mexico City. “You’re going to stay in Atlanta tonight and then go direct to El Salvador on Sunday morning,” said Brandon.

He then spoiled us with travel vouchers for a sweet hotel, SpringHill Suites in downtown Atlanta and $15 meal vouchers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks Delta!

Updates & Tidbits

-Atlanta, George is home to Super Bowl LIII. The game is February 3, 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. There is A LOT of Super Bowl advertising at the airport as Atlanta preps for the big game.

-The departure/arrival screen at the hotel has an interesting graphic for the weather. 61 degrees was marked with an ice cube. Our team from Wisconsin laughed.

-The weather in Atlanta was rainy and 61 degrees. There were colorful yellow and purple flowers in bloom. Temps in El Salvador are expected to be in the mid-90s with high humidity.

Iglesia El Rosario church in San Salvador

We spent three hours Monday touring San Salvador and learning its history. The most beautiful place was inside Iglesia El Rosario; described as “one of the finest churches in Central America.”

The main street entrance of the church, across from Libertad Plaza, is locked.  The exterior of the church reminds me of the old Bradley Center. You have to turn the corner to find a narrow brick walkway located past a black metal gate and that leads to a side door to get into the church.

The concrete facade of the church is unassuming compared to what you encounter as you cross the threshold.

The arched interior features tiers of stained glass that cast a brilliant rainbow of light throughout the building. The church, completed in 1971, was designed by sculptor Ruben Martinez.

There are quite a few well-thought-out intricacies regarding the interior design; one in particular has a very Indiana-Jones flare.

Across from the altar the wall is sectioned off in small blocks of stained glass. When the sun hits it just right the beam of light comes through the center “eye of God” and shines perfectly on the crucifix of Christ on the opposite wall.

There are a couple of other nuggets of history at Iglesia El Rosario including bullet holes in the concrete facade of the building; remnants from the civil war of the 1980s.

To the right of the altar on the floor is a stone marker; this is where 24 people are buried. They were killed by police May 9, 1979 during an anti-government protest that happened in the town square across the street. According to an article by the BBC,

“Witnesses said the steps of the cathedral were littered with bodies. Freelance photographer Ken Hawkins told the Los Angeles Times there had been no warning from government forces before the shooting started. “There was a continual burst of very heavy fire for about two and a half minutes,” he said. “People started screaming and running to the church but many were hit before they could get there.”

At the other end of the church is an abstract version of the Stations of the Cross. Only the hands and arms are used to represent Christ. The metal used for the sculptures was material that remained following construction of the church.

Updates & tidbits

-I have gotten David and Nancy Slinde from West Bend to do quite a few things on this tour. Photos are always better when we know someone in them.  There are a LOT of armed guards in El Salvador/San Salvador. This fella was in the street market outside the church. A majority of the officers/security I have seen do have large shotguns. I’m told “if” they do shoot… the security guards are the ones that go to jail.  Confused? Me, too….

-On Tuesday we meet up with folks from Habitat for Humanity and later in the week we attend the school the Slindes have helped grow education with books, roofs, and more. Nancy has such a pile of crayons to donate. That hefty cargo broke the handle of the carry-on bag. (Of course, this happened at the airport…. but we make due. No crayons have been harmed during transport.)

-Our tour guide today was Arnoldo Carcamo from Trip Time El Salvador Tours. He was FABULOUS! Very knowledgeable, respectful and he picked up on our groove right away taking us to the city centre, churches and a bank museum.

-Day 3 and our luggage finally arrived in the late afternoon. “I love my wife but I sure do love my lost luggage,” said David.

Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez

It’s difficult to wrap your head around the impact one person has made especially if the significance occurred in another country. One person in El Salvador who impacted the entire culture through multiple generations is Rev. Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez.

For the next seven days will post details on the missionary trip of David and Nancy Slinde of West Bend.

This is the couple’s 30 journey to the small Central American country. Over the years, the Slindes have helped improve education, plumbing, and business development.

In May 2015 Pope Francis celebrated the beatification of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero and in October 2018 Pope Francis declared him a Saint.

Romero was recognized for his dedication working with the poor and speaking out against social injustice. He was assassinated while celebrating Mass on March 24, 1980.  He was 62 years old.

Our tour guide Arnoldo Carcamo took us to Romero’s crypt located in the lower level of the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador.

The real staff for Saint Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez sits on top of the crypt. There is a round red object in the middle of the crypt symbolizing the bullet that struck Romero in the heart. David Slinde from West Bend pointed to the senior citizens praying at the kneelers on either side of the crypt. “The person who came in with the cane is likely a follower from when Romero hosted a popular radio broadcast,” he said. “The others here are just young whippersnappers.”

According to a post about Saint Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez and his radio broadcasts:

In these sermons, he listed disappearances, tortures, murders, and much more each Sunday. This was followed by an hour-long speech on radio the following day. On the importance of these broadcasts, one writer noted that “the archbishop’s Sunday sermon was the main source in El Salvador about what was happening. It was estimated to have the largest listenership of any programme in the country.

Updates & Tidbits

-Cedar Community Annual Chili Social and Used Book Sale is Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Cedar Ridge Campus, 113 Cedar Ridge Drive, West Bend. Visit the train room. Tours of Cedar Community’s independent living apartments will also be available by appointment. Enjoy our famous chili, hot ham and cheese croissant, fruit, fresh baked cookie, coffee or hot apple cider – all for only $8.50! Quarts of chili to go for $7.75.

-Fantastic Sams, 860 E. Paradise Drive, in West Bend has shut down abruptly. The note on the door says, “If you are interested in operating the location call a 715 area code phone number.”

-St Lawrence and Resurrection K.C.’s are sponsoring a 14th annual card party Sunday, Jan. 27 at 1 p.m. at the Resurrection Parish Hall in Allenton. Entry fee is $5 includes play and lunch.

– Meet outstanding teachers and staff during the Sunday, Jan. 27 St. Frances Cabrini Open House and Pancake Breakfast. Come join us 8:30 a.m. – noon.

– Hartford Union High School will name its next Superintendent on Jan. 28. Two candidates for the position include Cassandra Schug and Conrad Farner.

– Karl Howard Terlinden passed away January 22, 2019 amidst a beautiful winter snowfall under a full moon. He courageously fought 7 weeks after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.

– 19th annual Bridal Fair at Washington County Fair Park is Jan. 27. Over 70 vendors with everything from dresses to cakes, wedding venues to entertainment. Tickets $5 Pre-Sale $6 Day-Of

– Pamela Bremer, School Counselor Secretary at Slinger High School in Slinger, WI, has been recognized as the 2019 Wisconsin School Counselor Secretary/Support Staff of the Year.


0850, 26 January 2019


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