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2052, 26 Apr 18

Baldwin Votes Against Qualified SOS

Well, there’s an incoherent rationalization.

But Baldwin, D-Madison, said Tuesday the nation needs a secretary of state that is “committed to using American diplomatic leadership to solve problems, protect our national security interests and advance human rights.”

“After meeting with Mr. Pompeo, I don’t have confidence that he shares this commitment and I am concerned that he is inclined to choose military force as a first option over diplomatic solutions to the many challenges we face around the world,” she wrote on Twitter.

So based on a conversation, Baldwin thinks that Pompeo might prefer military action instead of diplomacy in some future unnamed conflict.

Uh huh. That’s not even enough of a fig leaf to cover a toe.


2052, 26 April 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Baldwin seems unwilling to do anything about defeating evil when needed.

    Trump way outclasses her on foreign policy.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Did you listen to trumps meltdown on Fox and Friends? He has no class, no awareness, but a whole lot of insecurity…


  3. billphoto

    I doubt Sen. Baldwin will be called out by the leftist media to reconcile her voting record with her image ads.  While I disagree with this vote, I was surprised when she voted to pull out of the WTO so we could have done worse but then Al Franken was busy.  Reviewing her voting record, most of her votes have been lock-step leftist.

    Sen. Baldwin’s image ads are following the successful path of previous Democrats portraying themselves as conservatives so the only vehicle I see to combat the dishonesty are sources like Owen’s blog.

    To be fair, being a fake conservative is a commonly used tactic by political elites all the way down to the local level no matter the political affiliation they claim.   Hell, this blog even has fake posters.

  4. dad29

    voted to pull out of the WTO

    The big question there is “when?” ….

    Was it after Trump’s populist victory, or before?  While Tammy is as dumb as a pile of scrap-iron, her handlers are apparently pretty smart.  They saw Trump call out the globaloney-trade crowd and WIN in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

    The Republicans, to no one’s surprise, are reprising “Stupid Party” antics by clamoring for Globaloney “free trade” again.  Heh.

  5. billphoto

    Anyone could have done more than my cursory research on Sen. Baldwin’s voting record.  In 2000, she voted in lock-step with the Democratic Party to defeat approval to pull out of WTO.

    In 2005, she voted against “the Party.”  Questionable is if this was a token vote because of the overwhelming opposition to the pullout.  Her voting record is rabidly against free trade bills, all opposed by the Democratic Party.
    It would appear she is trying to position herself as something she is not.  If Republicans are to defeat this Party tool,they must call out the dishonesty of the image ads and expose Baldwin’s voting record.

  6. dad29

    Disagree:  if the Pubbies are to defeat that tool, they must have a BETTER position.  One that appeals to the majority of voters will suffice, of course.

    Calling out that tool is a good idea.  Maybe the Pubbies will try that, too.

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