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0747, 27 Apr 18

Korean War to Finally End

The Forgotten War, which became the Forgotten Peace, is about to formally end. Thank God.

Ilsan, South Korea (CNN)Leaders of the two Koreas have agreed to end the Korean War, 65 years after hostilities ceased, in a wide-ranging joint announcement struck Friday, that includes working towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

But the announcement, which largely steered clear of specifics regarding Pyongyang’s nuclear capabilities, faces major hurdles before any peace deal can be reached, which must also involve China and the US, both of whom were participants in the original conflict.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong Un, signed the “Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification on the Korean Peninsula,” at the demilitarized zone (DMZ), after an historic day of meetings, including a 30-minute private conversation the contents of which are unknown.
In separate speeches they promised a new era for the Korean Peninsula. Addressing the world’s media, Kim said the Koreas “will be reunited as one country.”
Of course, it could all fall apart, but we haven’t made it this far… ever. This is a direct result of Trump’s foreign policy of pressuring China, standing firm (do you think that missile strike in Syria got Kim’s attention?), and openness about the conditions under which North Korea could be welcomed into the international community. Let’s hope we see an actual peace treaty in the coming months – and that Kim abides by it.

0747, 27 April 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Very good Trump!

  2. steveegg

    I’ll go with “It will all fall apart.”  I’ll even give you how many months it will take to fall apart – 26 months after the American military leaves South Korea.

  3. MjM

    Agree with the Eggman.

    If SK agrees to expel US troops they will indeed be signing their own death warrant.  And if Moon is that stupid, once out we stay out.  2+years  seems a bit much, though.  Kim is too childishly narcissistic to wait so long.  I’d guess say 8 to 10 months of feigning compliance, faking friendship and union, before the hammer falls.

    Owen sez:  …the conditions under which North Korea could be welcomed into the international community…

    That would require the incarceration, perhaps execution, of Kim and all his henchmen, which is never going to happen.

  4. steveegg

    The reason why I said 26 months is that’s how long it took the North Vietnamese to conquer South Vietnam after the US pulled out.

    On reflection, it will take longer for the North Koreans to get to the point where they can successfully drive to Pusan.  Their military is far less capable than the North Vietnamese military was, and the South Korean military is far more capable (and more importantly, capably led) than the South Vietnamese military was.

    On the other hand, if Kim is foolish enough to move early, that will likely draw the Red Chinese in, and they’ll reach Pusan pretty quickly to reassume control of the Korean peninsula.

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