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1749, 12 Jun 17

Nationalism v. Globalism

True for the UK. True for the US.

Our two main political parties were founded and evolved to deal with the social and economic challenges of the industrial revolution.

Conservative and Labour, left and right, capitalism and socialism – these ideological movements were a response to the economic and cultural challenges of power moving from the field to the factory.

But power is moving again, from the national to the multinational.

How citizens think we should respond to that shift is the new divide in our politics.

It is less about left v right and more about nationalism v globalism.

The 9.5% increase in the vote share for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party and the 6% increase in Theresa May’s Conservative support might be held up as evidence that the British electorate is once again becoming more “tribal” in left-right terms.

But I suspect old-fashioned political tribalism is actually on the wane.

Frustrated by the profound limitations of a first-past-the-post electoral system, voters are striving to get their voice heard as best they can.


1749, 12 June 2017


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