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2148, 22 Feb 17

Mexico Rejects Mexicans

What a world

Under plans unveiled by the Trump administration on Tuesday, almost all people staying in the US illegally can be subject to deportation.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said his country could not “accept unilateral decisions imposed by one government on another.”


But Mr Videgaray said on Wednesday: “We are not going to accept that because we don’t have to and it is not in the interest of Mexico.”

Mr Videgaray also warned the US about treatment of Mexican citizens.

“The Mexican government will not hesitate in going to international organisations, starting with the United Nations, to defend human rights, liberties and due process for Mexicans abroad according to international law.”

So here’s where we are… the Mexican government doesn’t want to allow its own citizens to return to Mexico, thus forcing deported Mexicans into a border purgatory, after which the Mexican government will go to the international organizations to blame America for it.



2148, 22 February 2017


  1. billphoto

    I have had a difficulty confirming details but what I have found is:

    Mexico has no place to put their repatriated citizens.  No housing, no jobs and no money to support them.
    Mexico apparently has some kind of a ‘pass thru’ program for travelers from Guatemala, Honduras, et al to allow them to go to our Country.  DHS, if the people were apprehended, would load them on a plane and send them home.  Now, DHS will just turn them back to Mexico.

    So, what I gather from all this is Mexico’s government thinks exporting people into our Country (from anyplace not just Mexico) is OK but any US attempt to stop the flow or return the illegal aliens is not OK.  Does not sound like a fair deal to me.  Maybe Trump can negotiate a better deal.

  2. Brian

    “No housing, no jobs and no money to support them.”

    Gosh, sounds like … the United States?

    Really, the entire world faces this now. We’ve automated so many jobs, and monopolized so many industries, that there simply isn’t much work for 1-3 billion persons. So every country is eager to offload their population onto others.

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