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2159, 22 Feb 17

Waterford Rejects School Referendum

Maybe the district got the message this time?

WATERFORD — Waterford Union High School District voters have once again rejected a proposal to fund a new fieldhouse, fitness center and related building remodeling at the high school, 100 Field Drive.

Unofficial results from Tuesday’s election showed the $12.21 million referendum being defeated 2,199 to 1,832. The only district municipality that voted in favor of the referendum was the Village of Waterford, where the high school is located. A similar referendum was rejected by voters last April.

The school district includes the Village and Town of Waterford, portions of the Village of Rochester and parts of the towns of Dover, Norway and Raymond.

 District Superintendent Keith Brandsetter was disappointed with the result, but pleased with the district’s effort to get the word out.

The School Board has not discussed if a similar referendum would ever be on a future ballot, but Brandstetter said the district will “leave it alone” for now.

 “for now…”

2159, 22 February 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Precisely why public education system is a problem, insensitive liberals never take “no” for an answer: whether it is money, or some basic morality issue.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    If “liberals” are the problem, why don’t some good rock-ribbed “conservatives” run for the school board??

  3. billphoto

    Mr. Nord: I would go farther than Mr. Scheunemann defining those running as liberals.  They are far worse than just people working to indoctrinate our children with their political philosophy.

    I am not a rock-ribbed conservative but I do think our taxpayer dollars should be spent responsibly.  As a former school board president, I tried running for our local school board when we moved.  the school board panicked to the point of openly attacking me at school board meetings when I caught them wasting precious taxpayer dollars by paying $10K/year to bus two pre-K children (not disabled) because (and they admitted this in open session) they did not want to lose the money those two represented to another local (christian) school.  yes, they openly admitted they view our children as dollar signs.

    outing their actions in our local paper brought swift retribution … against my 8 year old son.  these are sick people.

    it would seem that those in power, whatever their political stripes, don’t want anyone rocking the boat and exposing what they do.

    case in  point, when I was elected to the county board, my truck and my home were vandalized multiple times when I voted in favor of my constituents instead of going along.

    I think it is wrong that school boards are allowed to continue to put up the same (sometimes repackaged) referendums multiple times in the same year which I think was the point Owen was trying to make with his post.

  4. Le Roi du Nord


    I’m sorry to hear of all your misfortune where you live.  At least up here folks can run for school board, county board or town board without fear of retribution except at the polls.  And we don’t label those running as liberals or conservatives, but rather as neighbors, plumbers, farmers, engineers, mill workers, Coop managers, teachers, retired and working folks, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, etc. But most all we call them  citizens that care about their community enough to run for office. .

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Bill explains the narrow minded political posturing that occurs when education is controlled by government.   Education is too important to be in hands of government.   We should have a separation of education and state.

  6. billphoto

    Term limits would not break my heart.  Banning teachers from the school board does not sound too bad to me also.  and we still need limitations on the frequency of school boards running referendums over and over.

    BTW-I don’t know where Mr. Nord is ‘up here’ but I live in the supposedly reddest county in wisconsin.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    North of USH 8. east 0f I 39.  Pretty red up here as well, but we don’t seem to have issues with “liberal/conservative” confrontations.  Maybe because we tend to know the folks in our community, and aren’t as prone to labeling them.

  8. billphoto

    Here in Washington County, we have what I would label them as “Other.”  Around election time, they all become “conservatives.”  Of course, anyone that is not approved by the herd is chastised with the most sickening lies you could imagine so few are willing to put their name on the ballot.

    After the election, these same conservatives suddenly become smarter than their constituents knowing better how to spend our money.  At the County level, this gave us a County and Stadium sales tax to name just two.

    At the School Board level, I have caught them playing games with accounting to spend every penny they get and ask for more which was Owen’s original point.  When caught misrepresenting – I would choose the word ‘lying’, they attack the messenger and their children.

    We have had them charged for violations of State Statutes – my favorite was one we caught voting money to himself – but our DA is not interested.  Owen’s hope that they get the message is, I think, Pollyannaism.  I may have the same malady wishing that the phenomena that got Trump elected trickles down but I am the eternal optimist.

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    Doesn’t sound like Washington County is very appealing for  number of reasons.  I’ll stay up here where the air and politics are cleaner.

  10. billphoto

    OWEN !!  We defeated the Arrowhead Referendum in November and today I got a flyer, IT’S ON THE BALLOT AGAIN!!!! Aargh!

  11. Owen

    School Boards sometimes remind me of that aggressive drunk college guy at a bar… NO MEANS NO!

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