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1032, 01 Dec 16

Lefties Struggle to Understand Trump Victory


The Elections Research Center at UW-Madison will host a day-long symposium next Friday, Dec. 9, on the historic upset that made Donald Trump the president-elect.

Election Symposium 2016 is free, but organizers recommend that people who want to attend register online beforehand.

Journalists Molly Ball of The Atlantic, who has written extensively on Trump’s presidential bid, and Dan Balz, chief Washington correspondent for the Washington Post, will be joined by political scientists and researchers from UW-Madison and other universities.

They are clearly trying to understand the new landscape. What’s interesting is that I’m willing to bet that almost all of the people on their panel voted for Clinton. I’m also willing to bet that most of the people on this panel know very few people – if any – who voted for Trump. If they are truly seeking understanding, shouldn’t they include some folks who supported Trump? Wouldn’t they be in a better position to explain the motivations of the Trump electorate?


1032, 01 December 2016

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m certain the liberal discussion will focus on how to “educate” the rubes in the burbs.

    It will be full liberal elitism in display.

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