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0647, 21 Nov 16

Police Being Targeted


In Texas, a San Antonio police officer was shot and killed sitting in a squad car during a routine traffic stop outside the city’s police headquarters on Sunday, authorities said.

The assailant stopped his car behind the parked police cruiser, walked to the patrol car and shot the officer in the head through the window as he was writing a ticket, Police Chief William McManus said.

The gunman then reached through the window, fired a second shot into the officer, returned to his vehicle and sped away. The slain officer was identified as Benjamin Marconi, 50, a 20-year veteran.

Hours later, a St. Louis policeman was shot in the face as he sat in his cruiser at an intersection, by someone in a car who pulled up beside the officer, opened fire and fled. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the wounded officer was conscious and able to speak after the attack.

There is a virulent subculture that is enabling this sort of abhorrent behavior. Unfortunately, it is a subculture that is being supported by some of the most prominent members of the liberal establishment.

Blue Lives Matter.


0647, 21 November 2016


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