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0651, 21 Nov 16

Not Dead Yet


Adams County Sheriff’s Department posted the incident the next morning on its Facebook page with a photo of actors Chris Farley and David Spade in a car in a scene from the movie “Tommy Boy” with a deer in their back seat.

So this happened last night …

“Caller states he hit a deer earlier and thought it was deceased. He states he put the deer into the back of his vehicle, but once he arrived home the deer was alive and kicking…”

(The deer refused to give a statement and ran into the woods.)

The Facebook page was updated a few hours later with the footage from Loewenhagen’s squad camera. Turns out Loewenhagen is no stranger to unusual calls.

You may remember our Deputy Brian Loewenhagen from previous posts. He was the Deputy who arrested the Intoxicated driver with the beer battered fish fry excuse.

Things are never boring when Brian is working.


0651, 21 November 2016


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