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0751, 12 Nov 16

Around the Bend by Judy Steffes

Kellie Boone takes over as Executive Director of Washington County Fair Park

There’s a familiar face taking over at the Washington County Fair Park/AIS as Kellie Boone has been tabbed as the new executive director.

According to the press release from Search Committee Member Pete Rettler, “The board of directors of the Washington County Agriculture and Industrial Society (AIS) has selected Kellie Boone as its next Executive Director. Boone will be in charge of the 133-acre Washington County Fair Park and Conference center, the site of the annual Washington County Fair and the location of the new Silver Lining Amphitheater donated by West Bend Mutual Insurance.”

Boone has served the past five years as Executive Director of the Downtown West Bend Association.

She will be taking over for Sandy Lang at the Fair Park; Lang resigned in August.

“I’m excited about the opportunity,” said Boone. “I’m looking forward to continuing the success of the Washington County Fair Park and Conference Center.”

Boone said her immediate goal was to secure the success of the 2017 Washington County Fair.

There were 27 people who interviewed for the position. Pete Rettler was on the selection committee. “We had a lot of great applicants and it was a tough decision but Kellie had great relevant experience and she has a history of successful events,” said Rettler.

Boone is the President of the West Bend Noon Rotary and Rettler said that civic involvement was also impressive. “It definitely helped that she is part of the community,” he said.  “Now she’ll have to get as well known in Hartford and Slinger and the other Washington County communities.”

While a new opportunity is on the horizon, Boone said the downtown has been extremely wonderful to work with.

“I’ve developed such great relationships and friendships and my board has been so supportive,” she said. “It’s really difficult to leave but this is a tremendous opportunity. People grow and it’s time for me to move forward. This is just a tremendous opportunity for me and my family.”

Boone said her greatest accomplishment was taking a great lineup of events downtown and growing those to the next level.

“Everything we have down here has grown from the Farmers’ Market to Music on Main to Wheels on Main and I love hearing from the new businesses about how this has been such a nice shift downtown and a lot of that goes back to the events we’ve created,” she said. Boone will start at the Fair Park on December 1.

 Committee to discuss “separation agreement” with Wash. Co. Attorney

The Washington County Executive Committee has a pretty meaty agenda on Tuesday, Nov. 15. The committee will adjourn into closed session to “Discuss the personnel situation and possible separation agreement of the County Attorney.”

On Oct. 20 was first to report about the job status of County Attorney Kim Nass.

She had not been in the office and no reason was given for her absence. As of Friday, Nov. 11 Nass was still not in her office. The Washington County Sheriff has confirmed Nass is not under any criminal investigation.

County Board Chairman Rick Gundrum refused to comment on the personnel situation as did County Administrator Joshua Schoemann.

Now it appears the Executive Committee will take up the issue and come out of closed session on Tuesday with a determination on the status of Nass and her position as County Attorney.

The other hot topic is revisiting the Resolution of a “Vote of No Confidence” for County Treasurer Jane Merten. On Oct. 18 was first to report on a “No Confidence Vote” for Merten.

The resolution stemmed from a scam email Merten responded to in June where she sent a pair of wire transfers to a fraudulent account. The initial amount was over $82,000. In September the Sheriff confirmed that half of the money never went through and $32,163.76 was returned to Washington County on Sept. 15, 2016.

On Oct. 25 the County Board failed to act on the “No Confidence Vote” citing some “incomplete language in the resolution.”

A discussion of the resolution on the “Vote of No Confidence” will be taken up on Tuesday, Nov. 15. District 21 Supervisor Donald Kriefall is the one pushing the resolution.

“We’re caretakers of the taxpayer’s money and we need to have some sort of consequence for this error and a vote of no confidence is the least we can do,” said Kriefall. “She made a mistake and this is our way of putting a letter in her file.”

Merten was just reelected to her position as County Treasurer during the Nov. 8 election.  She received 62,455 votes or 98.90%.  Merten ran uncontested.

Other items on Tuesday’s agenda include appointments, discussion of using the Old Courthouse for County Board meetings, and another closed session discussion regarding the Washington County Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund.

Tuesday’s meeting starts at 7 a.m.

Cash Store clerk thanks West Bend PD

There have been some pretty amazing law enforcement actions in West Bend recently that show what an amazing Police Department we have in the community. Another outstanding example just happened this week.

Around noon on Tuesday, Nov. 8 West Bend police were called to the Cash Store, 1021 South Main Street. The clerk behind the counter hit the emergency call button.

“I heard it on the news in the morning that there was someone wanted out of Green Lake County,” said the clerk. “I thought that sounds really familiar and I got to work, Googled her information, said ‘Yeah that’s her’ and then she came through the door.”

The clerk at the Cash Store agreed to an interview if her name was not used as she had concerns about her safety.

“She was a customer of ours,” said the clerk. “She had been in the day before.”

The clerk said the woman just didn’t seem right. That woman, Cynthia Stark-Griffin, 57, was wanted by authorities after she was suspected of trying to kill her father in Green Lake County early Sunday morning.

Authorities said Stark-Griffin allegedly set fires inside her father’s home in the Town of Marquette. Nobody was injured however law enforcement in Green Lake County filed a felony warrant for Stark-Griffin for attempted homicide and arson charges.

“I just didn’t want anybody to get hurt,” said the clerk. “The police were amazing.”

The clerk said the woman had two little dogs and the Washington County Humane Society arrived within 30 minutes to help.

“I was way more scared thinking about when she was in the store the day before, and I didn’t know,” said the clerk.

News reports indicated the woman may have had weapons in her possession. The clerk said Stark-Griffin came into the Cash Store with a big tote. “That really scared me,” she said.

The clerk said the West Bend police were just amazing. “They came in with big shields on and they were all over. They were in the bushes and they put spike strips down behind her vehicle,” she said. “I had to get away from the front of the counter and before you knew it they had her on the ground,” said the clerk.

While the incident was going on the West Bend School District sent a note home to parents saying students in the Pathways program in the Mutual Mall next door were safe. The school district also thanked West Bend police.

“I just can’t say enough how good the police were,” said the clerk. “Even after it was all over the captains came in and asked about appropriate force that was used; they are just so professional.”

Several weeks ago West Bend police dealt were in a standoff with a man on Edgewood Lane. Neighbors heard shots had been fired by the suspect. Police reported the man pointed a gun at the officer and pulled the trigger but the gun misfired. That man was eventually taken into custody and nobody was injured.

Considering what’s going on nationally, West Bend police have to be given a lot of credit for keeping this great community safe.

A note of thanks to volunteer poll workers

A couple notes of thanks to the poll workers in Washington County for all their hard work.

To poll workers in the Town of Barton, I would like to thank the Election Workers from the Town of Barton for their dedication to working long hours at the polls on Tuesday, November 8. It was a busy day and many unusual things occurred throughout the day and my wonderful election workers handled it with grace and commitment to doing all tasks with transparency and commitment to a job well done. My heartfelt thanks to my wonderful “Pollworkers” – I certainly would be lost without you. Aggie Pruner Town of Barton Clerk

To poll workers in the City of West Bend,

Thank you to all of the election inspectors for the City of West Bend.  There were approximately 120 very dedicated and hardworking individuals that truly stepped up and worked long hours to ensure the integrity of the presidential election for West Bend.  Working the polls can be very difficult so I want to make sure you are aware I truly appreciate all of you.  There were individuals that worked from 6 a.m. Tuesday morning until 1 a.m. Wednesday morning and still had a smile on their face.  The City of West Bend owes you a huge Thank You!!!!

Amy Reuteman Assistant City Administrator/HR Director/City Clerk City of West Bend

Updates & tidbits

The funeral is Thursday, Nov. 17, for Jacqueline J. Schlicht (nee Cary, formerly Turnquist). Jackie married Richard “Dick” Turnquist and together they owned and operated Dick’s Pizza in downtown West Bend for many years.

-According to the West Bend Cinema, 2014 Parkway Drive, the new theater seats are on the way and will hopefully be installed before the holiday.

– Enchantment in the Park powered by Westbury Bank opens Friday, Nov. 25 at Regner Park. Don’t forget to sign up for the 2nd annual Husar’s Diamond Dash.

-Holy Angels Students of the Month for October 2016 include 6th grader Jonah Nagel, 7th grader Riley Becker, and 8th grader Kate Davies.

– Saint Frances Cabrini Parish will be hosting an evening of Advent Taizé Prayer on Tuesday, Nov 29 from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.  Taizé is an ecumenical prayer based on the pillars of scriptures, song, intercessions and silence.

– Randy Dreher of Kewaskum took home a nice trophy buck he got it during bow season. The 8 pointer had a 21-inch inside spread. Dreher was hunting the Kettle Moraine, east of Kewaskum. The buck weighed in at 225 pounds and he shot it at 4:30 p.m.

– One of the best locally-owned franchises in West Bend is getting a bit of a facelift as Keith Novotny’s Cousins Subs will be debuting a new storefront sign.

– Help is available to families in Washington County that need assistance with winter heating bills. Contact Kay Lucas with the Washington County Human Services Department which oversees the Energy Assistance Program. The number is 262-335-4677.

– This is the last week in business for Pat’s Jiffy Stop, 111 E. Decorah Road. Shop owner Pat Labuda is retiring and closing. “I gave December 1 as notice but I think Nov. 18 is going to be my last day,” said LaBuda. The building will soon become an extension of the karate business next door.

Cash and Schultz; A love story in West Bend

There’s a familiar couple that walk arm in arm around West Bend; their pace is steady, their love is evident. Nancy Schultz and Jerry Cash.

Cash and Schultz – it sounds like a country-western band.

“We met one another at The Threshold 34 years ago and we’ve never had an argument,” said Jerry.

At 80 years old Jerry is sharp and spry, and he tells it like it is. He holds on to Nancy’s arm while they walk so she doesn’t stumble and fall. Nancy, 66, said she holds onto Jerry because she loves him.

Jerry graduated from Barton Grade School 66 years ago. “Then I went to work on the farm with my parents,” he said. “I’m an old-time West Bender.”

Several years ago Jerry volunteered his time at The Threshold. “I sat down next to Nancy to talk to her and she said ‘I’m not even going to look at you,'” he said, recalling his first meeting with the love of his life, “And now look at us.”

The couple belongs to Good Shepherd Church in West Bend. Nancy embroiders, makes colorful tablecloths with butterflies and she collects church bulletins. “If you have any church bulletins or tell your parents to save their bulletins for us,” she said. “I save them and when it’s raining or icky outside I take a hand full and read them.”

Nancy and Jerry talk about the simple things in life. Nancy said they have a washer and dryer at their house, they have a brand new vacuum, and she likes watching birds.

Nancy reaches out and tenderly strokes the back of Jerry’s head. She readily expresses her genuine love for him.

“I sing him beautiful songs,” said Nancy.  “The Polish Lullaby, May you Never be Alone Like Me and What a friend we have in Jesus.”

Jerry said he loves Nancy because of what she can do. “She can cook, she can bake, she’s always got a wonderful smile, she talks very polite to everybody and she likes children,” he said.

Ten years ago, Jerry wrapped up a 15-year career working at the Old Fashioned Bakery. “Rich Schommer was my boss,” he said, “I went in late at night. I made donuts, bread, everything.. you name it.”

The pair are walking on a sunny Sunday to McDonald’s for supper; it’s about 11:30 a.m.  “I really like their salads,” said Nancy.

McDonald’s is an easy jaunt for the couple who walk from their home on East Decorah Road across from the high school. “We’ll walk to Walmart and back,” said Jerry, “That’s about 10 miles and sometimes we even walk out to Burger King.”

During lunch Nancy talks about her sisters, how her father has died and how her mother can’t wait to join him.

And then the conversation shifts to polka.

“We love polka,” said Nancy. The pair listen to the music Sunday morning on the radio. “I listen every day, every day,” she said, “We have cassette tapes and we listen and we embroider and then when 10 o’clock comes we close up shop for the night because then it’s time to go to bed.”

As I wrap up my visit, the couple make a simple request.

“If you see any polka music or nature tapes, just put it in the bag next to our door and mark it Schultz and Cash,” said Nancy. “We just love polka music and this has been such a good day because I can’t believe you took our picture.”


0751, 12 November 2016


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