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1542, 11 Nov 16

Trump Backs Off of Full Repeal of Obamacare

Sigh… here we go.

He told the Wall Street Journal he favours keeping two main parts of the bill because “I like those very much”.

One is a ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The other provision that the president-elect told the newspaper he favours allows young adults to be insured on their parents’ policies.

Mr Trump told the Journal it was his hour-and-a-half meeting with Mr Obama that had made him reconsider his calls for an all-out repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Apparently, Trump’s convictions are so firm that a chat with Obama will make him fold like a cheap tent. It hasn’t even been a week and he’s already backed off of two campaign promises.


1542, 11 November 2016


  1. jonnyv

    Not a big fan of the ACA and how it has worked out. But I AM glad that if he keeps a few pieces, these 2 are tops on my list. Being the father of a daughter who was born with encephalocele it is my biggest fear that insurers will be able to deny her healthcare due to a pre-existing condition when she is old enough to not be covered by our insurance or the state’s care. She is currently 5 years old with the mental capacity of about a 2 year old. And it is unsure if she will ever catch up.

    THIS is how you begin to lead. Give and take. I think he called it, “The Art of the Deal”

  2. jjf

    If you didn’t like Obama because he was too liberal or too centrist, what’re you going to do with a President who doesn’t have any guiding principles at all beyond gratifying his already-large ego and his demand for subservient obedience?

  3. jonnyv

    And lets be real, anyone who voted for Trump (I didn’t) HAD to know that he wasn’t going to be able to fulfill all his promises. And honestly was a complete wildcard once elected. I mean, he is in the WWE hall of fame. He could literally turn heel on them once he was sworn in! hahah.

    Many people voted for him because he “wasn’t Hillary”.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    The 25% Small business tax credit and 35% non profit tax credit are worth keeping.

  5. billphoto

    As usual, making a big deal out of nothing.  So President-elect Trump was as smart as anyone with a modicum of common sense to see that there are some ideas in ObamaCare that are worth keeping.  My “sigh … here we go” would be directed at celebrities and their buddies that promised to leave the United States if Trump won.  Please, please, make good on your promise and take George Stepanolpolus and his pal in the MSM with you … and if you have room on the bus, I would not miss the current occupants of the White House.

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