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2101, 28 Jul 16

Hillary’s Plan for Executive Amnesty

Obama’s overreaches have set the precedent for years to come. Will Congress ever again have the stones to take back their power?

Once it quickly becomes apparent that immigration reform is stillborn on Capitol Hill, Clinton will take a dog-eared page out of President Obama’s playbook and accuse Republicans of “obstructionism” and declare that the immigration problem must be addressed “for the good of the nation” with legislation being written and passed in the West Wing instead of by Congress.

Obama took extra-consitutional action and was batted down by the Supreme Court, which blocked his decree legalizing millions of illegal immigrants who are parents of legal residents. What Clinton and Kaine surely know is that they won’t be facing the same problem.

Obama’s end run around Congress was stopped by a lower court and the ruling was let stand by a deadlocked 4-4 Supreme Court, which would have rejected it outright had Justice Antonin Scalia not passed away. During the same 100 days Clinton and Kaine will ostensibly be trying to push doomed immigration, the White House on a parallel tracking will be working to have Congress confirm a new justice who will provide the fifth vote needed to uphold the executive action written by Obama — and whatever other decrees Hillary and her claque can think of. By the time Hillary and Tim recoil in “disgust” from Congress, a new justice will be in place to solve the problem.


2101, 28 July 2016


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