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2123, 28 Jul 16


Accused Killer of Chandra Levy Released

There’s a name I haven’t read in a while. I hope they find her killer.

The US Attorney’s Office said it had dismissed the case against Ingmar Guandique, an El Salvadorean immigrant.

Ms Levy, 24, had just finished an internship with the US Bureau of Prisons when she disappeared in 2001.

Her body was found in a park more than a year later, in a case that generated national headlines and claimed one politician’s career.

Democratic politician Gary Condit, to whom Ms Levy was romantically linked, was a suspect in the murder and ended up leaving Congress.

According to the statement from the attorney’s office, the case against Guandique was no longer one that prosecutors could prove beyond a reasonable doubt, due to “recent unforeseen developments”.


2123, 28 July 2016



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