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2011, 07 May 16

“minivans are the mom jeans of the automotive world”

It’s good to see that they are considering all contingencies while developing self-driving cars.

British cultural critic Stephen Bayley, in an interview with this author, stated, “Driving a car is the act of projecting your personality through visual metaphors; this is central to erotica.” It is safe to assume Mr Bayley does not drive a minivan, because minivans are the mom jeans of the automotive world.

But the grocery-getting emasculation-mobile — now entering its mid-thirties — might be ripe for a midlife sexual awakening.


Work done by Tesla and Google shows that people very, very quickly learn to trust the technology,” says Barrie Kirk of the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence. “They do silly and stupid things, like brushing their teeth, eating meals, and climbing into the back seat.”

“With a minivan,” he continues, “it’s a big temptation to put the seats down and have sex while the computer’s driving. That’s very dangerous. People are there for a Plan B when the computer can’t deal with the situation.”


2011, 07 May 2016


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