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1617, 08 May 16

Barca Puts Trump Saddle on Wisconsin Elephant

And so it begins

Barca said “continuous surprises” from the Trump campaign should be familiar to Wisconsin voters.

“I think part of what makes him so unpopular, aside from his agenda for women, which also in Wisconsin has been horrendous, is the fact that you never know where he’s going to go,” Barca told host Greg Neumann. “And Gov. (Scott) Walker didn’t campaign on taking a quarter-billion dollars out of our university system. He never campaigned on taking a billion dollars out of our public schools. He never campaigned on letting our infrastructure suffer. … So the data, the metrics are just horrendous under Gov. Walker and the Republican leadership, and I think people are ready for a change so we’re excited about that.”‘

The Democrats’ strategy is pretty straightforward and pretty smart. Given Trump’s unpopularity in the state with both Democrats and Republicans, the Dems will tie every single Republican in the state to Trump. And every time Trump says something stupid, the willing media will run to those Republicans and ask if they will denounce him. The more that state Republicans get on the Trump train, the easier it will be for Democrats to pick off vulnerable Republicans.


1617, 08 May 2016


  1. dad29

    every time Trump says something stupid

    Usually 5-6 times/week. Those Dems will be very busy, indeed!

  2. Mark Maley

    Best HRC ad so far .
    60 seconds of Trump being Trump

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