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1813, 27 Feb 16

Iowa Considers Child Handgun Bill

I had no idea this was even a law.

The Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act (House File 2281), which was among five gun proposals under discussion earlier this week, has been a contentious issue — dividing even supporters of the Second Amendment. If successful, people under the age of 14 would be permitted to handle “a pistol, revolver or the ammunition” in the presence of an adult.

Current law prohibits anyone under 14 to use handguns, and plenty of Iowans want to keep it that way.

Before the Hawkeye State’s House of Representatives passed the bill with a 62-36 vote on Tuesday, several lawmakers provided impassioned pleas to reject the bill in the name of children’s safety.

14 seems really old to be allowed to handle a handgun. I was shooting handguns much younger than that and many people even start competing younger than that. Under the proper supervision of an adult is where kids learn to safely handle firearms.


1813, 27 February 2016


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