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1549, 28 Feb 16

Ribble Says Trump Fans’ Frustration is Misplaced

He’s 100% correct.

Ribble said those who support Trump are misplacing their anger at the establishment.

“They give Donald Trump a complete pass on the very same things that they’re angry about,” Ribble said. “Because they will cite the president’s overreach and overpromising. They cite Congress overreaching and overpromising, but that sums up the entire Trump campaign.

“And replacing the president with Mr. Trump is not going to change the dynamics in the Congress at all. It certainly isn’t going to solve the problems that they have. And it just seems a little bit unusual to me that they’re reacting, but I do get the frustration because I feel it and experience it myself, and I’m inside Congress.”


1549, 28 February 2016


  1. calvin and hobbs

    I have to admit I don’t think most Trump supporters could pass a civics test.

  2. Mark Maley

    Trump is just testing his theory that he could shoot someone in Manhattan and his voters would still love him

    It’s too late for the Republicans

    For every Angry white Reagan Democrat he brings, he loses conservatives like Owen in the general who will stay home

    In an election they shouldn’t lose, they are
    Figuring out daily how to lose it

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    I have to agree with Mark Maley on this!

    Hillary might be the conservative in the race!

    It’s like we slipped into a liberal twilight zone.

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