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1648, 16 Dec 15

Regulations Start for Self-Driving Cars


Regulators in California have published draft proposals designed to pave the way for the public to start using self-driving cars on the roads.

However, the cautious recommendations from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will, initially at least, insist on a fully licensed driver being behind the wheel, ready to take over in an emergency or if the technology fails.

California has been the testing ground for most of the development, and so regulations in the state are considered to be precedent-setting.

Prospective users of self-driving cars will need to undergo special training, and manufacturers would be required to monitor the cars’ use.

Answering a common query, regulators said any traffic violations or accidents would remain the responsibility of the human driver.

I agree with requiring a driver be in the car, but stop short of requiring manufacturers to monitor the car’s use.


1648, 16 December 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    We need this in a hurry with all the drunken Democrat state legislators driving around.

  2. Stiles

    I wonder when long-haul commercial transport will move to driverless rigs. It will start with drivers accompanying the self-driving system, but the technology will probably soon prove itself to be safer than human drivers and the need for a human in the cab will become open for debate.

  3. Joey

    …manufacturers would be required to monitor the cars’ use..

    But only for Muslims, those that haven’t donated to Black Lives Matter or are members of the NRA, or have a monthly college debt payment that exceeds 7% of their monthly income.
    Let’s celebrate diversity!!

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