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2009, 16 Nov 15

States Refuse to Accept Syrian Refugees

Including Wisconsin.

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker on Monday called on the federal government to not place Syrian refugees in Wisconsin, three days after Islamic State attacks in Paris left more than 130 dead,

“In light of these horrific and tragic attacks, our first priority must be to protect our citizens,” Walker said in a statement released Monday. “It is clear that the influx of Syrian refugees poses a threat.

“The State of Wisconsin will not accept new Syrian refugees. There may be those who will try to take advantage of the generosity of our country and the ability to move freely within our borders through this federal resettlement program, and we must ensure we are doing all we can to safeguard the security of Americans.”

Good. While Americans are, by nature, a generous people, there is no effective way to screen these refugees to prevent terrorists from hiding among them to infiltrate our country. Our generosity should not be allowed to be used to kill us.


2009, 16 November 2015

1 Comment

  1. Mark Maley

    Just heard the judge on Fox say that the states have zero standing to do this because of a pesky thing called the constitution

    So , take that rule of law lovers !

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