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1917, 13 Oct 15

First Democratic Debate

It should be fun! I’m curious to see the dynamics between the candidates on stage. More later… maybe. Unless I doze off.


1917, 13 October 2015


  1. scott

    Hilary and Jeb are the establishment candidates. One difference: She’s got A-level talent, he doesn’t. She’ll see poll gain.

    Sanders got a chance to thunder his extremely consistent and appealing message on national TV. I wonder if a significant portion of the audience is unfamiliar with it by now. If so, I expect he’ll tick up a few points in the polls. If not…not.

    Those other yahoos? Well, they’re better than the Republican also-rans, but they aren’t in it to win it.

  2. Dan

    scott, you are kind or right.
    Hillary is an establishment candidate, but then what is Sanders? How long has he been in Congress? 30 years or so- that’s more establishment than Hillary.
    The other yahoos were more pathetic than I thought they would be- they were cartoon characters both in their delivery and in their appearance.
    But of course, it was a really, really white debate and for the 30 minutes or so I watched, all of them were clownish.

  3. scott

    I would characterize Sanders as a “career politician,” but not an establishment guy. After all, he’s been an independent for how many years? Anyone who’s had a 30 year political career outside the auspices of the two major parties can only be described as an anomaly.

  4. Steve Austin

    Bernie Sanders will continue to give Hillary problems up to the early primary states. That said, Hillary looked great last night. Props to her plastic surgeon and makeup person as they took ten years off her age so she appeared like the youngest and most vibrant candidate on the stage. Was an amazing transformation from what she’s been on the stump the past three-months.

    I do think the GOP though needs to let the email thing go and see if Obama via the FBI will keep it up. Hillary has survived her illegal cattle futures trades, hiding subpoenaed Rose law firm records, possessing illegal FBI files on 900 GOP figures and trashing women assaulted by Bill. If that didn’t sink her, the email bit won’t either. Especially since last night the media and the four others on that stage decided they would put up a firewall for her on the issue. That to me is the story of the night. None of those other four were brave enough to take her down with an issue she could have been easily brought down with.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    It was a debate between Stalin, Lennin, and Chairman Mao.

    I’d be disgusted if I was a Democrat this A.M.

    Failed, backwards, socialism of the 20th century, destroying human rights and increasing poverty is the agenda.

    No defense of Capitalism, which encourages human rights and is the greatest vehicle to lift people out of poverty was thrown out the window by the people on stage and the ignorant in the audience.

  6. Mark Maley

    If the FBI doesn’t come up with real issues on the email ,
    The next President was in the middle of the stage last night .

  7. scott

    I’m always a little bit taken aback when I see a fellow American insist that every wealthy democracy on earth is a “failed,” “backward” place where Stalinists and members of the Chinese Communist party would feel right at home.

    The United States suffers mightily from our resistance to policies the rest of the world sees as essential to modern statehood. We actually could have things like free college, health insurance for everyone and family leave. We really could. And it would not, as some would have it, be the death of freedom on planet earth. It really wouldn’t. Nor would it lead to the financial ruin of the country.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    “Wealthy Democracies” become poor democracies because of socialism.

    If government controls the economic resources and the economic rules how those resources are distributed…do you have a democracy anymore?

    It’s called an authoritarian dictatorship.

  9. scott

    If citizens are so shockingly ignorant that they believe the outside world is a hellscape of famine and totalitarianism and literally don’t know what science is, do you have democracy anymore? No. You have the United States of Kevin.

    Seriously, get your head out of your ass and get on an airplane. I’m not sure that reality can seep into your sealed-off brain, but do try.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Suggest you read Radical Son by David Horowitz. He’s a recovering liberal who’s parents were intellectual liberal/ socialist academia in 50s and 60s. It details how the socialist left in America worshipped the socialist ideal in the Soviet/Eastern Bloc.

    It details how they were crushed intellectually when the crimes of their socialist darling, Stalin, came to public light in the early 60s.

    Socialism always leads to totalitarian government. Lefties want to foget the litany of countries where socialism has failed.

    It’s a simple fact, the more resources the government controls, the less economic choice the individual has. That makes the people of a socialist country too poor to oppose government, no matter how monstrous that government gets.

  11. scott

    I’ll read it. Every word. If you read every word of Dawkin’s The God Delusion.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    My suggested book is non-fiction.

    Your suggested book is fiction.

    They are hardly apples to apples.

    Personally, I enjoy watching Dawkins debate Christians who embrace the truth of God’s Creation in Genesis. It shows how lost Dawkins’ cold, empty, “Dawkins is his own god” religion, really is.

  13. scott

    Do we not know what the word “fiction” means? Or are we just being hyperbolic? With you I have to ask…

    Regardless. I don’t know why that should have anything to do with it. You have a book you think I might find educational. I’ve got one for you, too. Deal or no deal?

    Hey, something we both enjoy! I like watching Dawkins debate religious know-nothings too.

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