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1946, 14 Oct 15

Nass Puts Civil Service Reform on Hold

I see Nass’ point, and I might agree with him, but it’s not worth tabling civil service reform over it. Hopefully, Nass is just making a point and will let the legislation proceed in a few days.

Senate Labor Chair Steve Nass has put off a committee vote on the civil service overhaul because he opposes a provision that would ban administrations from asking about an applicant’s criminal background.

The Senate Labor and Government Reform Committee had planned to vote on the bill tomorrow. But Nass aide Mike Mikalsen said the lawmaker received an amendment to the bill only today and was still going through it.

Nass also opposes the so-called “ban the box” provision that would prevent the state from requiring applicants check a box if they have a criminal record. Under the bill, the administration can ask applicants about a conviction record only if it would disqualify them from a civil service position.

Mikalsen said current law lets each administration decide whether to include the question on applications for state employment, and Nass would prefer to keep it that way.


1946, 14 October 2015


  1. Steve Austin

    I stand with Nass on this and frankly hope he does hold things up to keep this provision.

    The left wants disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. Every factor your credit card company uses in calculating their fees, every ingredient used by a kid at his lemonade stand, everything you’ve ever done in your life when you purchase a gun, every vaccination you’ve ever gotten for your child disclosed to their school, etc., etc.

    How unreasonable is it for a State employer to have you disclose whether they have a criminal record or not? Seems like a relevant question for any employer.

    In that same vein, I don’t want these GOP’ers to make another run at watering down CCAP again either.

  2. insagtman

    I love Sen. Nass, and find him to be one of the most conservative legislators in Madison. With that being said, I hope he does not draw a line in the sand on this, as your state is wasting a significant amount of tax dollars by not being able to operate under a hiring and firing model closer to that used in the private sector. Currently, terrible employees are allowed to fester and rot the work places of quality employees for up to a year and a half, before your state can get rid of them. When it comes to government waste, you must first look at staffing, as that’s the largest expense of your state operations.

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