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1607, 13 Oct 15

Concealed Carry on College Campuses

Representative Kremer and Senator LeMahieu has proposed a bill to require public universities in Wisconsin to allow people to carry a concealed weapon on college campuses.

Madison, WI – Today, Representative Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) and Senator Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) released the Campus Carry Act, a bill that would allow students and faculty to carry concealed firearms in buildings on public college campuses.

Currently, it is legal to carry a concealed weapon on campuses, but the law allows universities to ban the practice as a matter of policy. Since the public owns the public universities, the proposed law would prohibit the public universities from prohibiting campus carry.

As usual, the Left and and anti-gun nuts are in full froth over the proposal. We are hearing the same discredited arguments we heard when concealed carry was initially proposed. But just like that time, Wisconsin is not, by any means, a pioneer here. In fact, it is quite common:

All 50 states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons if they meet certain state requirements. Currently, there are 19 states that ban carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wyoming.

In 23 states the decision to ban or allow concealed carry weapons on campuses is made by each college or university individually: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

Because of  recent state legislation and court rulings, eight states now have provisions allowing the carrying of concealed weapons on public postsecondary campuses. These states are Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. During the 2015 legislative session, Texas’ legislature passed a bill permitting concealed weapons on campus and making it the eighth state to permit guns on campus. The legislation will take effect in August 2016.

For all of those opposed to this law, please point to the negative impact in all of those other states that already allow it.


1607, 13 October 2015


  1. Mark Maley

    That 2nd amendment you hold so dear was added to a document that allowed Slavery for 100 years and only got women the right to vote almost 150 years later

    So much for the Divine Guidance that the Founders and those who came after were operating under .

  2. scott

    I don’t care about it. What I want to know is what gun right’s advocates are willing to do with regard to gun laws as a response to extremely high level of gun violence we have in America.

    I suspect that most answers will be “nothing” or “more guns.”

  3. Dan

    Ok,scott, get rid of black on black violence and that will bring down the statistics.
    Clean up the inner cities, where most crimes occur.
    But that will never happen because these inner cities are run by liberal democrats, who have a vested interest of keeping the people in the inner cities down.

  4. scott

    Bzzt. I asked what you’re willing to do with regard to gun laws. I count one vote for “nothing.”

  5. Steve Austin

    We don’t need changes in gun laws. Again your three things that seem to correlate almost 1 to 1 now with these type of shootings.

    1. Mental health issues where the answer is a cocktail of medications versus things like exercise and physical labor jobs that most kids did in prior generations to keep themselves occupied and develop self-worth.

    2. Divorced family (usually being raised by Mom who at that point has checked out because she can’t deal with things on her own)

    3. Violent video games that desensitize and program these kids to shoot, shoot, shoot at human targets for hours on on end.

    So help solve for me those first three and we’ll start solving the problem here.

    And if you want to end the black on black inner city violence? Let’s get about 500 more cops hired by the MPD and have them patrolling the street constantly in the neighborhoods. Do what Guliani did in NYC two decades ago.

  6. scott

    So I guess it’s probably the case that all those other countries with far less gun violence have more exercise for young people, fewer violent video games and less divorce? Or…something? Nope, not making a lot of sense.

    Am I also to assume that our gun laws are perfect? There’s no room for improvement at all? We have the by far highest level of gun violence in the civilized world but the laws we have about private gun ownership are in need of no changes whatsoever. Changes there can contribute nothing toward a solution. This is what you’re telling me?

  7. Dan

    Gee scott, playing stupid again?
    What alternative do you have?
    And you don’t refute what I said that the liberal leaders have no vested interest in curbing gun violence in the inner cities.
    But that’s ok scott.
    Liberals are not very smart anyways.

  8. scott

    I don’t refute what you said about liberal leaders having no interest in curbing gun violence in inner cities because it makes no sense to me and responding to it would lead down a very deep rabbit hole from which our discussion would never emerge to see the light of sanity again.

    I don’t have an alternative in mind. I’m just wondering. You guys know a lot about guns and gun ownership and gun laws. With all that knowledge, have you no suggestions for any changes at all to gun laws that might even marginally improve our dire situation? None at all??

    But ok. Enough with being coy. My point is that gun right’s advocates are coming to the table with zero. They’re not even coming to the table. They’re basically flipping the table over and storming out. They’re willing to offer up a big zero in terms of gun law changes to combat gun violence. There isn’t one thing they’re willing to compromise on.

    I might be willing to accept that. Keep gun laws as they are. Give me a $15 minimum wage and end the drug war. Let’s try those for curbing at least criminal gun violence. The majority of gun deaths in America are suicides, so maybe we can throw in a) insurance for everyone and b) good mental health coverage.

  9. Dan

    Insurance for everyone? What was ObamaCare suppose to do?
    And trust me, if the minimum wage goes up to $15, especially those who have small business, which includes many franchisee owners, there will be more people out of work.
    And to be honest, I have no idea since I don’t own a gun and never will, so I really don’t understand the gun craze.
    We could put hundreds of cops in the inner cities but you know, black lives matter.
    But I also realize that the gun business is a big business, legal or illegal is huge.
    So, how do you stop the illegal gun purchases, theft of guns and guns being brought in from other areas?
    I have no clue, other than stop and frisk, better intelligence and better law enforcement overall.

  10. scott

    Yes, that is what Obamacare is supposed to do. How about if Republican governors stop trying to thwart it by refusing Medicaid expansions?

    I don’t trust you. Every time someone says “trust me, if I have to pay you more it’ll be really bad for you” I want to say do you think I was born yesterday?

    I don’t think we need harder policing in urban areas. We need family supporting jobs and we need to stop putting black people in jail for things white people don’t go to jail for. Get a drug conviction and your entire life trajectory is altered, pointed toward the ground. End the drug war. Stop putting all the young black men in jail.

    How do we combat all the gun issues you raise? I’m not sure why I should have to. I haven’t proposed a single change in gun laws.

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