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0617, 13 Oct 15

McDonald’s Kiosks Come to Wisconsin

From the Washington County Insider:

The Golden Arches on Highway 60 added the kiosk in the lobby, just to the left of the entrance.

A simple touchscreen provides easy-to-read instructions to place an order, make a payment and then wait for staff to deliver.

The restaurant in Jackson is one of a select few nationwide to test the digital kiosk.

There are categories for food, drink, desserts. There was no line when I was there and it was relatively easy to figure everything out. It’s very similar to the self-checks at the grocery store.

The clerks said the most confusing part of the process has been the option to add or remove certain items from a burger in the “Create Your Taste” selection.

An article in Business Insider said “McDonald’s is not planning to pare down its work force as it adds the new kiosks to restaurants.”

If you think that adding kiosks is not about paring down the workforce, I have a bridge to sell you. Personally, I like the convenience of a kiosk where I can quickly order what I want and know that it was entered correctly, but the germaphobe in me has trouble with all of the grimy hands that have been all over those things.


0617, 13 October 2015


  1. HeatherRadish

    Re staffing: They still have to have people in the kitchen to screw up filling your correctly-entered order. Good luck getting those added or deleted condiments!

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Many of the big QSR’s are also working on automating the kitchen as well.

    Don’t be surprised if the restaurant is nearly all automated in 20-30 years.

    The problem is: many areas have a shortage of labor force in this area.

    Some areas, wages have gone up to try and draw the labor force in, however, once you start getting to the $15/hour rate, or higher, just to get people in to work, it makes complete sense to automate like this.

    I don’t think I would be an early adapter, but as soon as the bugs are worked out, I would easily embrace this idea.

  3. Pat

    No one starts a business with the main objective being to create jobs. The main objective is to make money for the owner(s) period. Jobs are only created when an owner has no other choice due to demand and lack of technology.

  4. terry

    Note to the $15.00/hr crowd. If you want it, you better learn how to repair Kiosks. You may even earn more than what the unions are using you for.

  5. terry

    $15.00/hr minimum wage crowd.

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