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0937, 03 Oct 15

Tardy Clinton

This is a problem for her as it was for her husband.

Walking out of the event, Zapata, the student who had hoped Clinton would win her over, was less than enthusiastic.

“She could have been better,” she said. “She made us wait over an hour for her. I understand she is on a tight schedule, but she could have at least apologized for being late.”

“It could have just been better,” Zapata said, rushing out to get to her job at Starbucks.

Sure people will run late from time to time because circumstances intervene, but when you are habitually tardy it means that you do not respect the people with whom you are meeting. It means that you think your time is more important than theirs. This isn’t about politics. It’s about rude, narcissistic people. We see the same thing from people in our jobs and personal lives and it is just as aggravating. The thing is that you have to put up with it if it is your boss, but if it’s someone who wants something from you – like a job, PO, vote, etc. – then there’s no reason to tolerate it.


0937, 03 October 2015


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