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1234, 03 Oct 15

Around the Bend by Judy Steffes

Contract to be awarded for pedestrian bridge

On Monday the West Bend common council will vote to award the contract for the pedestrian bridge over the Milwaukee River to Janke General Contractors, Inc. of Athens, Wis. Of the three bids received the Janke bid was the lowest at $567,946.05.  The top bid from Zenith Tech, Inc. from Waukesha came in at $674,293.

The bridge project includes a pedestrian bridge over the Milwaukee River between Veterans Avenue and Service Drive, as well as removing two existing bridges in the area.

According to city engineer Max Marechal the city entered into a State/Municipal Agreement (SMA) with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to secure funding from a Transportation Enhancement grant to cover a portion of the cost of this project.

Aside from recommending the contract be awarded, there is a further recommendation that the Board of Public Works and the common council allocate a contingency fund of $29,053.95 (approximately 5.12% of the total bid), for a total allocation not to exceed $597,000.00 for the construction of this project. Previously budgeted TIF No. 9 funds will be used for this project.

City administrator T.J. Justice said once the contract is signed “the city can negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract so the scope of the project could change.” Monday night’s meeting gets underway at 6:30 p.m.

UW-WC Dean Paul Price receives his notice

UW-Washington County Dean Paul Price will be exploring his options after it was announced this week that Dr. Jackie Joseph-Silverstein will oversee UW College campuses as the new Southeastern Regional Executive Officer/Dean.

That means the Campus Executive Officers/Dean positions will be eliminated effective Dec. 31, 2015. Price, who has served as dean at UW-WC since 2011 and who held the position as interim dean since April 2010, will remain a tenured faculty member and could accept a teaching position within the UW Colleges.

“I enjoyed the job I had and as the dean I could encompass the community and the county and be able to work in collaboration as a partner with multiple agencies, the county, the city and different non-profits and I’m disappointed to leave that job,” he said.

The next couple of years, according to Price, will be difficult because of the restructuring. “We don’t have a lot of staff in the first place so now we’re going to have to be better at transferring the knowledge,” he said.


Joseph-Silverstein will take over the position of dean at UW-Sheboygan, UW-Waukesha and UW-Washington County.

Price acknowledged the new position is going to be a huge undertaking. “It’s a job no one has done yet so it’s really up to the person who has the job to blaze the trail and envision the job,” he said.

Price has fielded a number of comments from people sympathetic to his situation and he collected praise from others for a job well done.

“If I go back to teaching it won’t be until next fall,” he said. The position transfer will take place after December 31 and after that Price is expected to contribute in the transition through March 2016.

Price said he definitely will stay in Wisconsin. “I’m pretty well set in West Bend, my daughter is 12 and I’m not ready to uproot my family,” he said.

Price was a professor in the Department of Geography and Geology, prior to becoming dean in 2010.

West Bend East junior makes Milwaukee Bucks drumline

Drum roll please as the Milwaukee Bucks have selected West Bend East junior Duwayne Davis as one of the members of the 2015-16 Bucks Beats.

Davis, 16, tried out for the Bucks drumline a couple weeks ago with classmates Troy Matenaer and Carlitos Salazar. “I found out right after football practice,” Davis said about the email he received Wednesday afternoon from the Bucks Allex Plank.

About 40 people tried out for the Bucks drumline. Davis said 20 people made the cut. “My friends are really happy for me and my drum instructor at school is also really happy for me. I’m really pumped about it,” he said.

Davis presents himself as very grounded for a teen. He said he thought he had a chance to make it but said he was glad the Bucks lowered the age requirement so he could try out. “I’m bummed my friends didn’t make it,” he said.

According to his parents, Davis has been drumming since he was 2-or-3 years old. While he has yet to get his driver’s license, Davis does have his schedule for three upcoming events including a gig at Skate America and then he’ll play opening night for the Bucks vs. Knicks and then a couple days later when the Bucks host the Wizards on Oct. 30.

“I’m not really nervous, I’m just really excited,” he said.

Davis has been playing it low key. “I haven’t told a lot of people but my friends are telling everybody,” he said.

West Bend High School Band director Leah Duckert praised the students’ effort. “All three young men (Troy Matenaer, Carlitos Salazar and Duwayne Davis) have the chops, drive, and dedication to make it into this prestigious Drumline, and I remain immensely proud of all three for their work ethic and fearlessness for attempting the rigorous audition process,” she said.

“As it is, I’m so pleased for Duwayne to have this elite opportunity. He works constantly at his craft, and might be one of the youngest members of the Bucks Beats Drumline. This young man has earned my utmost respect.”

This is the confirmation letter Davis received from the Milwaukee Bucks. The Milwaukee Bucks would like to thank you for auditioning to be a member of the 2015-16 Bucks Beats presented by Cascio Interstate Music. After a thorough review of all of our candidates we have made a decision on the finalists for this year’s team. After judging your performance, we believe you would be an excellent fit for this year’s team. Congratulations! Best Regards, Allex Plank Live Programming & Entertainment Specialist Milwaukee Bucks

West Bend wins 2015 ‘Arts in the Community’ award

The city of West Bend will be recognized for its commitment to the arts during the 117th Annual Conference of the League of Municipalities – Wisconsin Arts Board. “Every year they choose two to three arts winners and this year West Bend and Waunakee were selected,” Craig Hoeppner, Parks, Recreation and Forestry Director, said.

“My name is on it and the mayor’s name but this is a community award,” said Hoeppner citing a number of the organizations responsible for the “Arts in the Community” award.

“The Museum of Wisconsin Art is a big piece of that as it helped elevate the arts,” he said. “Friends of Sculpture, Regner Park and the performing arts on the Silver Lining Stage and even the renovation of Old Settler’s Park and the concerts and events with Music on Main and the Farmers’ Market.”

“It’s taken about five years,” said Hoeppner. “Everybody got involved from the civic groups to the businesses and it helped grow tourism and events.”

The copy in the program for the League of Municipalities describes West Bend in this fashion: The City of West Bend for steadfast and long-term commitment to promote the visual and performing arts in West Bend; Kraig Sadownikow; City of West Bend Mayor and Craig Hoeppner, City of West Bend Parks, Recreation & Forestry Director. Mayor Kraig Sadownikow and Hoeppner will accept the award during the conference Oct. 29 at the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee. The pair will also participate in a panel discussion about how West Bend grew the arts in the community.

League of American Bicyclists in town this week

A representative from the League of American Bicyclists, Steve Clark, took a tour of West Bend on Friday to take a look at its bicycling amenities.

Members of the group Bike Friendly West Bend gathered at the old train depot on the Eisenbahn State Trail. Mark Ramsey from Pedal Moraine and Clark along with five other bicycling advocates participated in a 1.5-hour ride that showed off the good, the bad and the areas that need improvement for bicycling.

During a post-ride debriefing Clark shared best practices from around the country and offered suggestions to increase bike friendliness.

Bike Friendly West Bend has been reviewing a couple of projects including a proposed bike lane on Eighteenth Avenue from Decorah Road south to Vogt Drive. A public-input meeting is being scheduled for November to gather input on the design of the road, signage and striping.

In other bike updates, two of the 10 new bicycle racks in the downtown Business Improvement District will be put at Vest Park just to the south of the big planter and a design for a 2017 capital improvement plan regarding a trail head at Rusco Road will include parking to the west side of the Eisenbahn State Trail, north of Rusco Road. There will be 10 – 12 spots, a kiosk and a bathroom.

End of an era for The Coachman House

Glenn Peterson gave himself a front-row seat as he stood and watched his former business get clawed to rubble. “A couple people honked as they drove by,” said Peterson. “I feel kinda sad but that’s progress and there’s not a lot you can do about it.”

Peterson circled the building and caught history on film. “Every time the shovel busted something else out I took a picture,” he said. Getting a view of the inside as he stood outside, Peterson said it was as he remembered.

Peterson bought the business in 1969. It was a time when his dad owned the A&W next door. The gals running Prudy’s, as it was called, were going to retire. “I thought I should buy that building and run it as a restaurant,” Peterson said.

It started as South Main Glenn’s Grill II; some referred to it as Glenn’s Other Place. In May 1973, inspired by a trip out west, Peterson remodeled and changed the name to The Coachman House Supper Club. “I wanted to get out of the hamburger business and get into the supper-club business with steaks and dinner and cocktails,” he said. Although Peterson retired in 1997 and sold the business he said that location will always be known as The Coachman House.

Lin’s Wish scrapbook 

There’s a scrapbooking event Oct. 10 to help fulfill the wish of Lin Griffin, who died in August following a battle with cancer. ‘Lin’s Wish’ is looking for friends and volunteers to help finish the scrapbooks Griffin was making for her two boys. “Just bring scissors or whatever cutting system and we’ll provide the papers, stickers and photos,” organizer Lisa Bown said. There will be 14 tables set up and about 10 scrapbooks of Griffin’s that have to be finished. “We’re looking for people to volunteer an hour or two,” Bown said. The event at Pilgrim Church, 462 Meadowbrook Drive, runs from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Set up to begin for Enchantment in the Park

Set-up for Enchantment in the Park starts Saturday, October 10. “We would like the leads to be there by 7:30 a.m. so we can have a quick overview of the day,” said coordinator and Rotarian Lori Yahr. “Please remember to bring as many tools as you think you will need along with work gloves.”

A couple of projects that will begin taking shape will be Santa’s room, the walls to the enclosure and the 1940’s train depot. “Thanks everyone for your hard work,” said Yahr. “There is absolutely no way we accomplish this large project without everyone’s help.”

Enchantment in the Park is an annual event at Regner Park organized by Rotary clubs throughout Washington County and neighboring Waukesha County. The goal is to raise money and collect non-perishable food items for distribution throughout Washington County and Menomonee Falls food pantries.

New events this year include the Dec. 6 Diamond Dash a family 5K run/walk presented by Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds.  The entrance with the elf launch is being replaced by a more old-fashioned Christmas display with soft white lights and a Victorian setting. A new music format synced through a car radio will replace the CD program. Also watch for a new marketing campaign to inspire people to participate in Enchantment in the Park as the goal of the event is to embrace the community to ensure long-term success of the program. Enchantment in the Park powered by Westbury runs November 27 – December 31. More information is at

City officials debate tablets

During Monday night’s West Bend common council meeting there was a brief discussion about whether the city should shift to solely using electronic correspondence. The idea would arm elected officials with tablets, or computers which they would use to receive agendas and messages.

Two plans were laid out, either the city would purchase the tablets and distribute or a stipend would be given to aldermen and they would buy the devices. District 4 alderman Chris Jenkins gave a visual example of how much paper could be saved if the city shifted to electronics. “Here’s a majority of the paperwork I’ve received since first being elected,” Jenkins said as he dropped a 7-inch stack of papers on the council desktop.

District 8 alderman Roger Kist has dry macular degeneration. “I’m going blind,” said Kist. The changeover to an all-computer format concerned him.  “I’m sure that you can make things bigger,” he said, referencing the size of the copy displayed on the computer.  Kist indicated his wife would be able to help him if the city shifted to computer-only correspondence.

The idea is still being explored.  City clerk Amy Reuteman said there would be an expense of about $9,000 on supportive computer programs and the city would break even on the cost of the tablets in about five years. Reuteman also said the tablets would have a lifespan of five years and then need to be replaced.  The effort to go paperless would have to be all or nothing, according to Reuteman. City officials agreed to move forward with more research on costs, added expenses and overall convenience.

Kiwanis Family fishing pond

Watch for the West Bend Parks Department to install a fishing pier at Kiwanis Family fishing pond in the coming weeks. “We’re looking at a pier on the southwest corner by the parking lot,” Park and Forestry Superintendent Mike Jentsch said.  The 50-foot fishing pier will be ‘T’ shaped and it will be handicap accessible. Jentsch said the Parks Department was also looking at another round of stocking fish including crappie, small mouth bass and minnows. “The blue gills are big enough to keep,” he said.

This past year the Parks Department worked to dredge the pond, clearing it of cattails and layers of silt. A new sign was put up on the south side of the pond, recognizing the Kiwanis and some of the larger donors who helped with the project. The pier will be paid for by a combination of donations and city funding.

Lt. Duane Farrand honored for 25 years of service

A resolution will be read during Monday’s common council meeting honoring West Bend Police Lt. Duane Ferrand for 25 years of service. Ferrand started with the WBPD in Sept. 1990. In 1998 he was promoted to detective, then sergeant and on to lieutenant. Ferrand served eight years as part of the Special Response Team and he is currently the Public Nuisance Coordinator. Ferrand is very involved in the community and has worked with the Boys and Girls Club, Shop with a Cop, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Special Olympics and Junior Achievement.

Updates & tidbits

-Watch for Lori Gundrum to give her notice to the BID board as she has taken a new job out of town. Gundrum was previously on the BID board as she and her husband own Apple Barrel, 229 S. Main Street.

-For the past month Haitians Walnes Cangas and Bill Nathan have been touring southeastern Wisconsin sharing stories about Haiti through drumming, song and dance.  On today the pair will be performing at St. Frances Cabrini Church. There will be a spaghetti dinner, a Haitian performance and a raffle. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. in Mother Cabrini Hall.

-The 7th annual Women of Christ conference is Saturday, Nov. 7. Speakers include Rev. Luke Strand, Patrick Madrid and Jennifer Fulwiler. Mass celebrant is Archbishop Jerome Listecki and the emcee is Stacy Gauthier. New this year: A copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church will be given to each woman in attendance. Register online at

-A celebration over the weekend as 106 people turned out for Kewaskum High School’s 50th class reunion. The event was held at the Columbian, formerly the KC Hall. It featured 65 classmates, 39 spouses, and one teacher Mrs. Laurie (Dunlop) Kirsch, and her husband, Joel Kirsch. Classmates traveled from Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, two from Florida, and two from Arizona. The class of 1965 also had a float in Friday’s Kewaskum Indian homecoming parade.

-A family from Holy Angels Parish in West Bend is featured on the cover of this month’s Catholic Herald Family. The photo was submitted by Gary Held. The picture features Joseph, Michael, Ryan and Helen Held fishing on Catfish Lake in Eagle River.

-A diesel fuel pump is being planned for next spring at Shell West, 3100 W. Washington St. “We had two bids and we’re negotiating,” owner Pat Osowski said. “We only have six fueling stations so we’ll build an island out back and it’s a 3-in-1 so you can get any gas plus diesel.”

-Friday, Oct. 9 students at Good Shepherd in West Bend are doing a Friends walk to raise money for Friends of Abused Families in Washington County. Students are also making other items that afternoon for the shelter like blankets and bags of toiletries.

Fire Prevention Week

Sunday, Oct. 4 marks the beginning of Fire Prevention Week. Today’s photo, courtesy Terry Becker, is of the West Bend Volunteer Fire Department c. 1894. John Spartz with the West Bend Fire Department said this was the Neptune Engine Company. There was also a hook and ladder and two hose companies and the engine was a Waterous Steamer. On Monday the city of West Bend will issue a proclamation that Oct. 4 – 10 be recognized as Fire Prevention Week. Also on Monday, Oct. 5 the Boltonville Fire Department will hold an Open House from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Personal tours of the fire house will be presented along with a close-up view of the equipment and a hands-on fire extinguisher demonstration. There will also be refreshments, snacks and sign up for a door prize as two students will win a ride to school in a fire truck.



1234, 03 October 2015


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