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1918, 02 Oct 15

Jets Bring Own Butt Paper to London

Well, they are some big dudes who probably make some big doods…

Mr Shpigel said this was how it was explained to him by the Jets’ senior manager of team operations Aaron Degerness: “There was an intern who had been over to London numerous times.

“He noticed when he was there that – and I quote – ‘the toilet paper was very thin because their plumbing isn’t as good’.

“So, the intern informed the operations staff, and the Jets ordered 350 rolls of toilet paper for the hotel and the stadium.”

Mr Shpigel said the players and coaches were “such creatures of habit” and the Jets’ had wanted to replicate as best they could their operation in the US.

charmin bears


1918, 02 October 2015


  1. Fairs Fare

    Let’s get the Jets to drop a few rolls off for Cumlee. He could use it to clean the endless flow of diarrhea from his mouth or God willing, choke and die on it.

  2. Conley

    Your gramma is sad you’re having to resort to death threats around here. No more Hot Pockets and Red Bull for you tonight.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Will the superior US paper clog their rotted Socialist plumbing?

    If this is all it takes to defeat the plans of Socialism, let’s send North Korea superior capitalist toilet paper by the truckload!

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