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0649, 24 Sep 15

Still Waiting for Milwaukee Gun Crimes Crackdown

What’s the problem? They had a press conference, didn’t they? Isn’t that enough?

On a summer day when Milwaukee matched its homicide total for all of last year, state and local leaders announced a plan to aggressively target and prosecute gun offenders in state and federal court.

Two months later, it still isn’t operational.

“I’m not sure I’d characterize it as a holdup,” Attorney General Brad Schimel said Wednesday in response to a reporter’s questions.

“It’s just that the pieces aren’t in place yet.”

Meanwhile, the killings have continued. The city had recorded 114 homicides as of Wednesday evening, compared with 86 homicides in all of last year and 122 in 2005, which is the highest total in the past decade.


0649, 24 September 2015


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