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2151, 23 Sep 15

Walker to Serve Out Term

And might run for reelection! It’s been fun to watch the hateful glee from lefties when Walker dropped out of the presidential race and then the dismay when they realized that he’s still going to be our governor for another 3 years – at least.

Gov. Scott Walker, responding to questions about his future in Wisconsin after the sudden collapse of his presidential campaign, confirmed Wednesday that he will serve out the remaining three-plus years of his term.

And he rejected the idea of taking a Cabinet position should a Republican be elected president in 2016, according to a fundraiser who was on a conference call with Walker on Wednesday.


2151, 23 September 2015


  1. Fairs Fare

    Three years in WI is better then four years in Washington. With his popularity at an all time low (in WI) and still dropping he has no chance of winning reelection. Its Republicans that stop supporting Walker. Those same Republicans that got him elected as governor are the ones that bailed out on him in his presidential campaign. Reelection is just another pipe dream. Besides, Tonette hasn’t had that meeting yet.

  2. CthruU

    Scott Walker’s Press Coverage During His Campaign For President Was For The Most Part… Nothing But A Sham…Honest Journalism Is Dead. Scott Walker Will Be A Better Governor Than The Blue State Of Wisconsin
    Has Ever Seen!

  3. Owen

    FF, 3 years is a looooong time in politics. I wouldn’t be too hopeful yet that he would lose reelection.

  4. JawBreaker

    Although,big hair,gender and hot air are the rave right now,I don’t know how all of that is going to make America great again. Too bad Walker is not running, I believe he had more to offer America than all the rest of the ‘contenders’.

  5. GreyMatters

    It’s not the media couldn’t have been fair to Scott Walker’s presidential candidacy-it’s just that their bias wouldn’t let them.

  6. Pat

    All factors taken into consideration like, Donald Trump, fundraising, and the media, the biggest factor in Walker blowing it big time was Walker himself, and he’s shown no personal responsibility for that.

    What all elections need is someone with big hair and hot air to make the rest of the candidates actually say and do something to make themselves relevant. The Republican party is so fragmented at this time, and polluted with nonsense, that candidates need to be ready to change their game. It’s not business as usual.

    How we hold elections need to change. All primaries should be held on one day. What of value for an Ohioan in a candidate will be completely different than what of value for a Californian. What of value for Texan in a candidate will be completely different that a New Yorker.

    Why hold primary elections in the manner we do is besides me. Except the Republican and Democratic king makers want it this way. The constitution doesn’t say we need to hold elections in this manner. And, elections should change to be run off elections, which would in turn allow for viable third party candidates.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is a difference between Iowa Republicans stopping thier support for president and WI Republicans stopping their support as our governor. The second has not happened.

    He has a mandate for next 3 years.

    I would be happy to see him in a 3rd term.

  8. Fairs Fare

    Added note: I believe CthruU, Jawbreaker and GreyMatters are all the same idiot. I also believe he uses one other screen name. Nice try!

  9. PMB

    Any dem that doubts that the Governor won’t be welcomed back by his party as a conquering hero is kidding themselves. Republicans hold all the power and all the cards for the next three years. Let’s see if the Dems stay engaged and actually find a reasonable candidate to put forth next time around. As for the Governor he is going to do what is best for himself and his family. He can make a lot more money and keep just as high a profile as a pundit on Fox or a member of a conservative think tank and stay above the fray say to speak. Interesting times ahead it is going to be fun to watch

  10. Fairs Fare

    Can’t blame a guy for doing what’s right for himself and his family. As the highest ranking public official in WI we can and should blame him for the “State of Our State”. “Republicans hold all the power and all the cards for the next three years” and therein lies the problem. It’s become a pattern of self defeating policies and principles. Republicans continually force issues that are against the opinions of the majority, even within their party. Letting a small faction of the party (TeaParty) control the rest of the party has proven detrimental to their popularity, even within their party. It is the main reason why my support has waned. “3 years is a looooong time in politics” but now that Walker has nothing else to lose I see an increase in those self defeating policies and principles. Walker is already starting to scare off some loyal Republicans and this will also increase with time. Increasing retirement ages for public employees (which I agree with) crosses party lines and will affect some who identify as Republicans. This is just an example but surely you can see how even the most dedicated Republican could construe this as a personal attack on him trying to do what’s right for himself and his family. I have a couple of family members who were directly affected because of changes, under Walker, to state policy. Although they are hard-core Republicans their support for Walker has also waned. To be successful in any reelection attempt I would suggest he comes back to the middle.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    One poll is no big deal.

    When election comes around, that’s all that matters.

    Also, given 10-20% of electorate doesn’t know what they believe, invariably they will blow and twitch the wrong way in any given poll.

  12. PMB

    FF I agree wholeheartedly that the Governor has to do what’s best for his family. And frankly the money he would stand to make would be life changing. Wisconsin has become a battle ground of the extremes. Compromise is seen as weakness and the far fringes of each party have been driving the behavior and the messaging. Only time will tell how the electorate will respond because you are right 3 yrs is a long time but. unfortunately I don’t forsee any better behavior out of the other side should they come back to the majority

  13. Steve Austin

    I’m thrilled to have Walker back.

    Got tired of all those tweet from Iowa, SC, NV, London, etc.

    I’d like him though to try and address the inner city situation in MKE. Personally think we need a Guliani move here and add 400 cops to the force there. I’d be ok with funding some of that via State funds through a Walker led initiative.

    But whether Mayor Barrett wakes up from his nap to allow any of this remains to be seen.

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