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1642, 21 Aug 15

Americans Take Down Gunman in France

Once again, Americans are saving the French.

PARIS (AP) — A gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon on a high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris Friday, wounding three people before being subdued by two American passengers, officials said.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, speaking in Arras in northern France where the suspected was detained, said one of the Americans was hospitalized with serious wounds. Their names were not immediately released.

In all seriousness, hats off to those brave men. They probably saved a lot of lives.


1642, 21 August 2015


  1. Calvin and Hobbs

    Lafayette we are here.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great job!

    These soldiers deserve an award for kicking this evil to the curb.

    Too bad we don’t treat police officers in this country with same hero status.

  3. Fairs Fare

    Imagine… a group of unarmed people being able to overpower an armed gunman. Police in this country can’t even figure out how to take down an unarmed gunman. I agree these men are heroes and they didn’t have to shoot the guy twelve times to achieve that status. Police in this country could learn a lesson about true heroics and even more about take down strategies.

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