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1357, 21 Aug 15

Menominee Votes for Legalizing Pot

In an earlier post, I said:

I’m willing to be 4 oz of weed that the referendum comes back with strong support for legalization and that it will be made legal soon.

Nobody took me up on my bet. I would have won anyway;

The Menominee Tribe overwhelmingly approved two advisory referendum questions authorizing its legislature to legalize marijuana on its reservation, the tribe said Friday.

Tribal members voted 677 to 499 to legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes. Members approved marijuana for medicinal purposes 899 to 275. The voting was conducted Wednesday and Thursday and the results announced Friday morning.

The matter now moves to the tribe’s legislature, which will study the issue and likely approve ordinances legalizing marijuana.


1357, 21 August 2015

1 Comment

  1. Mark Maley

    the criminalization of drugs has cost this country billions in lost tax revenue and the cost to fill up our prisons with bogus lesser criminals .

    In the 20’s Irish and Italian bootleggers profited , today it’s the Columbians and Mexicans

    Same issues , same results .

    We got smart on booze . Some day , we’ll get smart on drugs too

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