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1515, 09 Jul 15

More Data Stolen

This is the same government that wants all of our medical data.

Hackers that breached US government databases stole the personal information of at least 21.5 million people, officials said on Thursday.

Those affected include government job applicants, federal contractors, and over a million of their partners, the Office of Personnel Management said.

The figure is more than five times higher than the number of people that were feared to have been affected.

The data breach, which came to light in April, was widely blamed on China.


1515, 09 July 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    More of that liberal, big government, “service”.

    How do we let the godless communists in China get the better of us on stuff like this?

  2. Fairs Fare

    A month ago you supported China and the advances they were making. You touted their humanitarian progress and advances in capitalism. When compared to Cuba you believed China to be the lesser of the evils. Why the big change heart or is this more unthought out rhetoric designed to appeal to those you wish to be like.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    These particular godless communists are not as bad, because they do embrace a lot of capitalist ideas and private property….but criticism needs to be made when it comes to these kind acts against us.

    When China behaves badly, that merits some ridicule.

    cuba is still in the infancy of its destructive liberal/communist policies with little hope if reform.

    That merits constant ridicule.

  4. Mark Maley

    I have zero expertise here but I do have a question .

    What exactly needs to be done that we re not doing that guarantee no data hacking of either government or business

    I see handwringing but don’t here anyone
    Proposing changes

    So what do we do IT wizards ?

  5. Duke

    What we do is we keep our email servers at home. Anyone who thinks Grandma Nixon’s emails (ALL of them) aren’t in the hands of the ChiComms should guess again. Talk about baggage – that old hag is bigtime compromised.

    To answer Mark’s question: Any and all inactive records (mine is one since I retired from the USN) must be archived off-line. That means on a computer or computer network with no hardwire connection to the outside world (internet). At least that way you minimize the damage if a hacker with the tech resources of a nation-state gets through your poorly configured firewall.

    My suspicion, considering the caliber of the political apparatchiks that have been weaponizing various IT systems in the federal government, is that there’s also some human intel being utilized by our foreign adversaries to gain information, i.e., Wikileaks, etc. It’s what you get when you hire a community organizer to run your national government.

  6. Fairs Fare

    “It’s what you get when you hire a community organizer to run your national government.”
    I’m not a big Obama fan but I’m willing to give credit where credit is due.
    His “community organizer” position should be appreciated but all Christians. He held more of a missionary church based position that encompassed eight Catholic parishes and helped those in need of college prep, job training and religious guidance. This led to two months of missionary work abroad. Let’s not forget about his degrees from Columbia and Harvard. He worked as a civil rights attorney, constitutional law professor and served three terms as an Illinois State Senator. He also overwhelming won both the electoral and popular votes in two president elections. He wasn’t hired.
    Rhetoric only gets you as far as the deaf ears listening and nobody hears the community organizer bunk anymore.

  7. Jason

    >What exactly needs to be done that we re not doing that guarantee no data hacking of either government or business

    As someone “in the know” about cybercrime and having actively discovered, reported, and worked to remediate an active “APT” – Advanced Persistent Threat at a local MKE company, there will never be a guarantee of no data hacking – unless the data is only ever recorded on paper.

    Detection systems, encryption, defense layers, proper architecture, air-gaps, intrusion detection, etc can all eventually be breached – whether through brute force, ingenuity, trickery.

    I have grave fears about what the government will do and how it will hold itself accountable for negligence, misuse, and violations of its own laws and regulations regarding data capture, storage, and access.

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