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1531, 02 Jul 15

Islamic State Kills 97 People in Nigeria

I’ve been informed by my president that these kinds of killings only happen in America.

The people of Kukawa were in several mosques, praying ahead of breaking their daylong fast, when the extremists attacked. They killed 97 people, mainly men, said self-defense spokesman Abbas Gava and a senior government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to give information to reporters.

Gava said his group’s fighters in Kukawa said some militants also broke into people’s homes, killing women and children as they prepared the evening meal.

Kukawa is 180 kilometers (110 miles) northeast of Maiduguri, the biggest city in northeast Nigeria and the birthplace of Boko Haram.

Nigeria’s homegrown extremist group often defiles mosques where it believes clerics espouse too moderate a form of Islam. Wednesday’s attack follows a directive from the Islamic State group for fighters to increase attacks during Ramadan. Boko Haram this year became the IS group’s West African franchise.


1531, 02 July 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Islam in full practice.

  2. Mark Maley

    We need a strong Conservative Republican candidate to lay out their plan to eliminate killings like this

    They can draw up list of countries we need to be in, list the number of troops we are willing to send to each area and the number we are willing to lose to fix the problems in a way this feckless president has not been willing to do with this all volunteer army .

    Then , they need to explain the actual additional troops needed to get the job done and the cost to the american tax payers when all this is taken on

    Add in the cost of wall building on the border .
    If they run on this plank and win the election ,
    Let’s go go everywhere they want and do everything they want .

    That can be the defining issue of 16′

    I can hear the sound of crickets already

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