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0710, 02 Jul 15

County Supervisor Advises Strike

This is a perfect illustration of the problem with public employee unions and why even the liberals of old opposed them. Here we have management (Weishan)  conspiring with the employees (bus union) to screw the customers and owners (public).

Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan is blaming County Executive Chris Abele for forcing bus drivers for the Milwaukee County Transit System to go on strike.

“It’s easy for Abele to demean the work that these employees provide as he rides around in his expensive, chauffeured SUV,” Weishan said in a Wednesday news release.

But a memo written by a top official with Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 says Weishan was privately advising the bus drivers union as recently as Sunday to hit the picket line or stage a sickout.

“Supervisor Weishan states that if an agreement can’t be reached, we should attempt a one day strike or a wide spread ‘flu day’ to stress the importance of the situation,” wrote Thomas Stawicki, legislative director for the local, summarizing a conversation with Weishan, a liberal County Board member from West Allis.

Stawicki concluded, “We must give the public the appearance that the drivers have ‘NO OTHER CHOICE’ then (sic) to strike.”

The internal memo, obtained Wednesday by No Quarter, prompted one of Weishan’s conservative colleagues to call his actions “reprehensible.”

Meanwhile, Summerfest is losing gobs of money with lower attendance, poor people can’t get to work, and public safety is endangered with more drunks on the road at a time when police are already stretched to watch for potential terrorist attacks over the Independence Day holiday. This is how Weishan serves the public?


0710, 02 July 2015


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