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1741, 31 Jan 15

Measles Outbreak in California

There are some interesting things to note about this story.

The California Department of Public Health sent out the latest numbers Friday of confirmed cases since December and while the total is still small, the jump was a startling 54% in just more than a week.

It’s still less than 100 people, so it’s not the end of the world. But measles is a highly contagious disease that can be deadly. It was eradicated in the US.

Measles was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, which means it is no longer native to the United States but continues to be brought in by international travelers.

It looks like measles cases are on the rise.

Last year, the United States had its most number of measles cases — at 644 — since 2000, the CDC says on its website.

And while most people are vaccinated, not all are:

The two measles patients are siblings, both of whom are unvaccinated. Their cases are related to the outbreak at Disneyland.

 So let’s put some pieces together… We have a highly communicable disease that was eliminated from the US, but cases are brought in from outside of the country – particularly from people who are not vaccinated. Is it a coincidence that this outbreak is occurring in a part of the country with a large population of illegal aliens? While we are talking about the measles here, what other diseases are being let in by our open borders policies?

Our border policies have consequences. One of those consequences is the importation of diseases heretofore eliminated from our country.


1741, 31 January 2015


  1. Dave

    Interesting conclusion. Build a fence. Close the borders…

  2. Steve Austin

    Yep. The US has had a number of new strains of some nasty stuff the last six-months since Obama opened the borders for the children from Central and South America.

    All we ever get from the mainstream media are interviews with CDC officials who are “shocked” and “surprised” and don’t understand where these strains are coming from suddenly.

    Then you add in the “new age” US parents who are terrified of autism and aren’t getting their children vaccinated the past few years and we have some issues.

    I did enjoy how the media at first tried to blame the lack of vaccinations on the “Christians”, as if the Amish or the like were generating and spreading all these things.

    This is all common sense stuff that 30-40 years ago would have been reported for what it was and solved with closed borders and vaccines. Instead it gets glossed over with all this politically correct nonsense. And people die.

  3. Dan

    One problem though
    Here in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area, a family that went to Disneyland contracted measles and they were not illegals. They were white and they refused to vaccinate their kids to “keep them pure”.
    This family then went to a clinic and exposed more people and gave the measles to a nurse, who then had contact with hundreds of people. Right now, there are about 100 cases of measles in Arizona, give or take, and some can be traced back to this family who refused to vaccinate their kids.

  4. Owen

    The anti-vaccination movement is definitely a contributing factor.

  5. scott

    “Is it a coincidence that this outbreak is occurring in a part of the country with a large population of illegal aliens?”

    Probably. It’s probably not a coincidence, however, that it’s occurring in a place that has millions of visitors from all over the world.

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