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2122, 16 Jan 15

Getting a Leg Up

I shouldn’t laugh, but…

Thomas Fuselier, 47, fled Holmen police on Tuesday when an officer tried to stop him for a defective brake light, according to the complaint filed Wednesday in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

He sped off on Hwy. 53, at one point sticking his hand out the window and waving at pursuing officers.

Fuselier continued into Trempealeau County at speeds that reached 80 mph until officers lost him on Gilmeister Road and found his car in a ditch, the complaint stated.

Authorities from both counties followed footprints into a wooded area for more than one mile and across a creek before a deputy found Fuselier on the ground unable to get up because his prosthetic leg was stuck in a fence, according to the complaint.

And the completely predictable conclusion?

Police found meth and a pipe in his car.



2122, 16 January 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This guy should be thanking the officers that they pursued him a mile on foot. He could have died from exposure.

    Maybe a good life lesson—get off the meth—it makes you look stupid at some point.

  2. Conley

    Sounds like good advice, dairy king. When are you quitting?

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