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1423, 28 Sep 14

Electronic Medical Records Make Some Patients Reluctant to Share

Patients whose doctors kept records in an electronic format were more likely to withhold medical history and information from their health care provider than patients whose doctors kept paper records, according to new research by a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor.

Assistant sociology professor Celeste Campos-Castillo’s findings, which were recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, suggests that patients could be worried about the privacy and security of their medical information if their doctors stored that information in electronic files. The correlation takes into account patients’ satisfaction with their health care providers and other factors that could impact patients’ perception of their doctors.

Thankfully, this hasn’t come up for me yet, but it is something I’ve thought about. The proliferation of EMR coupled with the possibility of a security failure and a government that doesn’t respect citizens’ privacy makes me very reluctant to share anything that might be used against me. Obviously, if I have a physical ailment or disease, there isn’t much I can do about it. But if I were worried about something like depression or suicidal thoughts – even if it was just a passing concern – I wouldn’t share it with a doctor. I wouldn’t want that information being stolen and leaked onto a lefty blog. Nor would I want the DOJ or FBI knowing. There are some real benefits to EMR with the quick and portable access to a patient’s records, but there are drawbacks too.


1423, 28 September 2014


  1. Captain Ned

    Don’t forget firearms ownership. They’re always asking that question.

  2. fishaddict

    Cap. I lost all of my guns in a tragic boating accident on lake Michigan years ago. I deer and pheasant hunt with a slingshot now. The only good my guns are is to the salvage crew that may pull them up from the bottom of the big lake.


    Owen, I have the same reservations and while they are not mental issues, I opened my mouth and now can’t drive. I have been well behaved but just the thought of having a partial non focal seizure while driving puts everyone in full CYA mode. Never had a seizure, on meds to prevent seizures but because I have a brain tumor the possibility exists. Been fine for 4 years but can’t and probably will not ever drive again.


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