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1627, 26 Sep 14

Oklahoma Man Beheads Woman


(CNN) — A man suspected of beheading a woman and stabbing another worker at an Oklahoma food plant was fired right before the attack, police said Friday.

Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, was terminated from his job at Vaughan Foods processing plant just before the rampage Thursday afternoon in Moore, Oklahoma, just outside Oklahoma City, said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department.

After “he was terminated, he drove to the front of the business, running into a vehicle, exited his vehicle, entered the business, where he encountered the first victim, Colleen Hufford, 54, and began assaulting her with a knife. He did kill Colleen and he did sever her head.”

A second woman, identified as 43-year-old Traci Johnson, survived the attack, thanks to the intervention of another co-worker — the company’s chief operating officer Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy — who shot and wounded Nolen.

Johnson was hospitalized in stable condition with “numerous knife wounds,” according to police.

Nolen was shot twice and was also hospitalized in stable condition.

“This off-duty deputy definitely saved Traci’s life,” Lewis said. “This was not going to stop if he didn’t stop it. He’s obviously a hero in this situation. It’s very tragic that someone did lose their life, but it could have gotten a lot worse. This guy was definitely not going to stop. He didn’t stop until he was shot.”

Nolen recently had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam, Lewis said.

Couple thoughts… first, once again it was a good guy with a gun who stopped a horrific crime from becoming much, much worse. Second, while the firing seems to have set this guy off, the link to Islam is also troubling.


1627, 26 September 2014

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  1. fishaddict

    What troubles me is the response from authority. They are very quick and hard in vehemently insisting that muslim…? connection. Nah. Not at all, really had nothing to do with terrorism aside from the fact that the guy had a keen interest in beheading flicks that apparently only show up on muslim sites and nah really had nothing to do with the conversion to being an islamist…really muslim/islam had nothing to do with this…he did it because he sort of hated white folks and was upset at losing his job. Weak tea.  Just wondering when racist was a lesser crime than terrorism.


    Can’t say for anyone else but a recent convert to islam who hates white folks might be on the avoid while alone list.

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