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1807, 26 Sep 14

Flights Slowly Resuming After Fire

Thankfully I wasn’t travelling today, but I feel sorry for all of those businesspeople¬†who can’t get home because of some jack-weasel in Aurora.

(CNN)¬†— Flights resumed Friday afternoon on a “reduced rate” at Chicago O’Hare International and nearby Midway Airport after a fire in an air traffic control center shut down operations, authorities said.

The air traffic control center in Aurora, Illinois, was evacuated after a 36-year-old contract employee set the fire in the control center basement before 6 a.m. Friday and tried to kill himself with a knife, said Aurora Police Chief Greg Thomas.

CNN’s Ted Rowlands said officials told him there was no explosion and the incident was not related to terrorism. Controllers at other airports were helping manage traffic to and from Chicago.


1807, 26 September 2014


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