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0641, 26 Sep 14

Doyle Wanted Burke Out

Once again we get some legitimate stories about Burke’s murky resume that were not uncovered by the mainstream media. This time from Media Trackers. It’s beginning to become reality that the alternate media is the only place to get real news anymore.

An email between then-Gov. Jim Doyle and his chief of staff, Susan Goodwin, show Doyle was looking to replace Mary Burke as commerce secretary a full month before Burke announced she would leave the job. The chain of events that followed Burke’s resignation leaves questions about whether Burke was ready to leave the position of her own accord.

Burke, who is the Democratic challenger to Gov. Scott Walker (R) this fall, served as Wisconsin’s commerce secretary between 2005 and November 2007. Burke announced her resignation from the post on October 12th, 2007. But an email between Doyle and Goodwin on September 12th, 2007, shows Doyle and Goodwin were already in the process of looking to replace Burke.

Burke and Doyle were both on a trade mission to China and Japan at the time of Doyle-Goodwin exchange. Records show Burke racking up thousands of dollars in expenses on the taxpayer paid trip just a month before her resignation – including 1st class flights that Media Trackers previously reported on.


0641, 26 September 2014


  1. Steve Austin

    All Dan Bice has to do is place two phone calls this morning. One to Doyle and one to Susan Goodwin. Ask the question – “How much notice did Mary Burke give you that she was leaving as Commerce Secty or did you find out only the day before she stepped down?”

    Then there are a million follow-ups depending on the answer. But I guess I probably call Burke first and ask her that question before calling Goodwin and Doyle.

    Something tells me there would be multiple and different answers from each party. A good reporter could trip them up pretty easily.

    What I’d wonder is if Doyle was told on the China trip by Burke that she was leaving or if Doyle got so fed up with Burke on the China trip that he vented to Goodwin they’d need a replacement.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    If Burke got just 10% of the Ron Johnson media treatment on business backround, she would be out of this race.

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