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0626, 10 Jun 24

Democrat Establishment Turning on Biden

Wow. This story cataloging a bunch of Biden’s repeated lies is in the New York Times. Of course, many of the folks on the right have been pointing out Biden’s lies for years and he has been a known BSer for his entire career, but the fact that the venerable liberal establishment paper of record is pointing them out is notable. They shy away from the work “lie” and use softer words like “hyperbole,” “yarns,” and “false,” but they published the story.

WASHINGTON — In President Joe Biden’s telling, he was a teenage civil rights activist, a former trucker, the first in his family to go college and the nephew of a cannibalism victim.


All of these claims stretch the truth or are downright false. But Biden persists in telling personal tales with rhetorical flourishes and factual liberty when he works a room or regales an audience. They are a way to connect with voters, emphasize his “middle-class Joe” persona and charm his audience.


Despite Biden’s penchant for exaggerating details when recounting episodes from his life, these autobiographical embellishments differ in scale and significance from the stream of lies about a stolen election peddled by his opponent, former President Donald Trump.


A White House spokesperson, Andrew Bates, said that Biden had “brought honesty and integrity back to the White House” and that he shared life experiences that had shaped his outlook.


Here are some of the president’s most repeated yarns.


0626, 10 June 2024


  1. Merlin

    The Biden Brand is taking considerable damage these days. Mildly criticizing his incessant bullshit doesn’t begin to offset the optics of the guy shitting his Depends on a world stage or First Son Hunter’s deviant antics finally playing out live in a courtroom. Poor Joe can’t even function long enough to get through carefully crafted and staged events anymore. No matter what the WH is saying, active campaigning and live debates are not going to happen. They sure seem to be painting themselves into a corner going into their convention.

  2. dad29

    Yah, but WHOSE CORNER??

  3. Merlin

    -Yah, but WHOSE CORNER??

    Indeed. All that tribalism they’ve been championing for so long has given them more corners than you can count.

  4. Tuerqas

    I think career politicians always come to believe they are both better and smarter than their supporters, not to mention their voters. I wonder if Joe, during any stray bouts of coherency, realizes that his day to day thoughts are no longer more intelligent than his radical followers, even in his own mind. Probably not. Anyone who can lie and then stick to them until they are ‘Presidential lore’ rather than lies (according to their personal media) are also long adept at lying to themselves.

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