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0759, 11 May 24

Newsome Makes Severe Cuts to Budget in Face of Deficit

“Severe” lol. Californians are adorable about what they get worked up about. Bless their hearts.

While Newsom has not taken away health insurance from anyone, he proposed the state stop paying for health care workers to care for some 14,000 disabled immigrants in their home. That would save the state $94.7 million. While he hasn’t pulled back the state’s commitment to expanded kindergarten, he proposed eliminating $550 million that would have helped school districts build the facilities they need to teach all of those extra students.


After promising to pay for child care for another 146,000 children from low-income families, Newsom on Friday proposed pausing that expansion at 119,000. And after promising to boost how much money doctor’s get to treat Medicaid patients, Newsom on Friday proposed canceling $6.7 billion that had been set aside to do that.




In total, Newsom is proposing $32.8 billion in cuts over two years, including eliminating 10,000 unfilled state jobs and an 8% cut to state operations — including things like eliminating landlines. He promised there would be no layoffs, furloughs or salary cuts for the state’s more than 221,000 state workers.


0759, 11 May 2024


  1. dad29

    In 10 years, New York, Illinois, and California will be getting bailouts from the rest of the US.

    That is, from States which remain in the Union at that time.

  2. Jason

    >including eliminating 10,000 unfilled state jobs

    That is not a budget cut. That’s a cost avoidance.

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