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2013, 07 May 24

Trans Activists Thwart Efforts to Enforce Law

This is a pretty effective bit of civil disobedience.

In the week since it launched, the online tip line already has received more than 10,000 submissions, none of which seem legitimate, he said. The form asks people to report public school employees who knowingly allow someone to use a facility designated for the opposite sex.


Utah residents and visitors are required by law to use bathrooms and changing rooms in government-owned buildings that correspond with their birth sex. As of last Wednesday, schools and agencies found not enforcing the new restrictions can be fined up to $10,000 per day for each violation.


Although their advocacy efforts failed to stop Republican lawmakers in many states from passing restrictions for trans people, the community has found success in interfering with the often ill-conceived enforcement plans attached to those laws.


Within hours of its publication Wednesday night, trans activists and community members from across the U.S. already had spread the Utah tip line widely on social media. Many shared the spam they had submitted and encouraged others to follow suit.


Their efforts mark the latest attempt by advocates to shut down or render unusable a government tip line that they argue sows division by encouraging residents to snitch on each other. Similar portals in at least five other states also have been inundated with hoax reports, leading state officials to shut some down.


2013, 07 May 2024


  1. Tuerqas

    You do have to hand it to them there. When it comes to social media uses, the left is far more creative and effective than the right.

  2. Tuerqas

    Of course it helps to literally have the law on your side. If the right flooded a lefty based online site with false information of any sort, the left would spend a billion dollars, if necessary, to trace all the IP addresses and prosecute them all for sedition.

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