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1826, 26 Apr 24

Biden Doesn’t Mind if Black People Die as Long as they Vote for Him First

It’s not about protecting health, is it?

(Reuters) -The Biden administration on Friday delayed its plan to ban menthol cigarettes, a move that reflected the potential for a political backlash from Black voters in an election year.


For decades, menthol cigarettes have been in the crosshairs of anti-smoking groups who argue that they contribute to disproportionate health burdens on Black communities and play a role in luring young people into smoking.

About 81% of Black adults who smoked cigarettes used menthol varieties, compared with 34% of white adults, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


U.S. health secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement that the proposed ban had brought immense feedback including from parts of the civil rights and criminal justice movement.


1826, 26 April 2024

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  1. Tuerqas

    Blacks live primarily in Dem controlled city ghettoes in the US which supports your tagline pretty perfectly. However, the Dem line says it is the racist conservatives who live in significant minorities in those cities who are to blame for the ghettoes and every other suffering Blacks may endure. And the entire Dem Party of professional followers not only parrot that, but sincerely (and blindly) believe it too. if the Dem party really wanted to make 2+2=5, they would have half the people in the US not only believe it, but also believe that the evil conservatives were the racist reason it was ever 2+2=4 in the first place.

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