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2015, 11 Apr 24

Ford Drops Prices to Lure EV Buyers

Market working.

DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford Motor is lowering the starting prices of some all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup trucks as it prepares to resume shipping the vehicles after quality issues.




The cost reductions are the latest electric vehicle price changes for the broader automotive industry amid slower-than-expected consumer adoption. Ford’s cuts come three months after it adjusted Lightning prices, including increasing some model prices.


2015, 11 April 2024


  1. ThreeJanz

    I won’t buy an EV until there a guarantee by the manufacturers to buy them back once the batteries stop charging.

  2. MjM

    So, Ford is gonna loose thousands more on each EV than the $36,000 per sold in 3rd quarter 2023 (which was up $4,000 from 2nd qtr ‘23).

    I’m schmaht! Not like everybody’s sez! Like, dumb! I’m schmaht!!

    Given that you can tow a boat all of about 99 miles with a F150 Lighting, real trucksters ain’t buying, just the pretty boys.

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